Watch This Heart Warming Video That Will Show You That Humanity Is Still Alive

In our busy and fast paced lives, we often struggle to find time to help other human beings. Helping an animal in distress is something that we rarely do and rarely see other humans indulging in it. This video shows you that there are a few humans who still believe in showing kindness and love, irrespective of who is in front of them.

The video starts with a group of friends noticing a lifeless looking fawn lying in the middle of the road. Fearing the worst, they stop their vehicle and get off to investigate further. Many say that it is always best to not interfere with wildlife. There is always the risk of contracting diseases from wild animals and in many cases young animals that have been touched by humans are abandoned by their mother and left to die.

Humanity Is Still Alive

Fearing road kill, the friends move closer to the fawn and were relieved to see it still breathing. It looked like the fawn was in shock and refused to move. Sensing that the fawn was probably scared, the friends were wondering what to do next. One of the friends even mentioned that the mother of the fawn was in the trees watching over her child.

Leaving the young fawn there would increase the risk of being run over by another vehicle. Not every driver is considerate enough to stop and move away the fawn before driving away. Touching it would mean that there was a risk of her mother abandoning her. These men were left with only two choices and they made the sensible decision.

One of the men can be seen stepping forward and lifting the fawn in his hands. Although the fawn still seemed lifeless, her legs sprung into action as soon as the man approached the end of the road with the fawn in his hands. The fawn can be seen jumping off and running into the wild seemingly happy and excited. It was simply a case of the fawn being in a state of shock more than anything else.

Source: Steve Knoop

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