9 Indian Women Murderers who are Smart, Vicious yet Deadly

No doubt, women in this list are deadly. When some can kill us with a smile, there are some who became truly deadly. It is about these women in India who are smart, cunning, wicked and vicious, but threatening.

1. Indrani Mukerjea

It is probably a most confusing murder case in the history of India. The Sheena Bora murder case is so complex that Abbas Mustan can get inspiration to make a so-called suspense thriller. Jokes apart! Let’s make it clear with a little storyline.

A Guwahati-based couple adopts Indrani. In her tender age, Indrani was allegedly saturated by a nearest family member. Sheena was born when she left the house. She ties the knot with Siddhartha Das and gives birth to Mikhail Bora. She separates from Siddhartha legally and weds Sanjeev Khanna. They have a child Vidhi Khanna. Then, Sanjeev and Indrani get divorced after spending a couple of years. Then, she settles to Mumbai with Peter Mukerjea. They call both Sheena and Vidhi to Mumbai to live together.

Indrani MukerjeaPeter already had a son Rahul from Shabnam, his ex-wife. Both Rahul and Sheena love together which is not liked by Peter and Indrani. Later on, it revealed that her close family member was no one but the father of Indrani. Sheena apparently refused to part with such a huge amount in her offshore account. Both Indrani and Siddhartha make a plan to kill Sheena, because they didn’t like her behavior. The case has been handed over to CBI and investigation is going on still. Confused? Well, we need a flowchart to explain Indrani’s family tree.

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2. The Bandit Queen – Phoolan Devi

She is probably the most popular and dangerous women in this list. Born on August 10, 1963, Phoolan Devi is believed to become brutal just from her suffering and she witnessed and faced brutality in her life. Indian authorities will obviously not consider this officially to be real. She was born in Gorha ka Purva, a small village in Jalaun District of UP. She was the fourth child of her parents. She was married at a very tender age with an old man from upper caste. Her husband was repeatedly used to threaten and misbehave her. After suffering a lot of severe punishments, she finally went back to her parents around 3 years later. The people in her village declared her as a social outcast.

The Bandit Queen – Phoolan DeviIn 1979, she was wrongly accused of stealing belongings from someone else’s house.  She was jailed for 3 days and raped and manhandled along with being threatened up. So, the hatred for men was harboring in her who mistreated, and undermined women. Later on, she was kidnapped by a gang of dacoits. She met, Vikram Mallah, her first love, who gives protection to her by murdering the leader of the gang who wanted to rape her.

Later, she joined the game and became second wife of Vikram. One night, the gang attacked the village of her ex-husband. She dragged him and stabbed him out among villagers to warm all the older men who want to marry underage, younger girls. Then, she became the important member of the dacoit gang. She was used to visit the Durga temple after every crime, to thank the goddess for protecting the team. The Behmai incident took her to the limelight. Lala Ram and Shri Ram were the dacoits belonged to upper caste. They went back to the gang, curious to know how gang leader was died. Then the Thakur members and Shri Ram tried to kill Vikram and Phoolan.

They killed Vikram and kidnapped her and locked her in Behmai village where they gang-raped and beaten her severely. After 3 weeks, finally she succeeds to escape through some villagers, which was her life’s turning point. She recruited a Mallah’s gang and started robberies in Central and North India. Despite what Indian authorities claim, her main target was upper-caste people. She was like Robinhood who shared the maximum part of looted money with the lower-caste and poor people. She went back to Behmai on February 14, 1981 for revenge. She looked like a police officer to march into the village. She recognized two of those men who raped her few years back. When all the kidnappers were not found, she told her gang to open fire on the line of all the Thakur men of upper caste. Hence, she killed even the innocent ones. She got the tag of Bandit Queen. She surrendered on February 1983 to the police on few conditions –

  • Since she didn’t trust UP police, she would surrender only to Madhya Pradesh police.
  • She would lay her weapons down only before Mahatma Gandhi’s photo and Goddess Durga, not the Police.
  • She wanted a piece of land on her reconciliation
  • She won’t get death sentence
  • The penalty of jail for other gang members shouldn’t exceed 8 years.
  • On her surrender ceremony, her whole family must be escorted by the police

She surrendered before 300 policemen and the crowd of 10000 people and Madhya Pradesh CM, Arjun Singh. She had 30 charges of kidnapping banditry and 18 for other crimes. She served her trial for 11 years in the prison. After persuasion from Nishadha Fishermen Community leader, Vishambhar Prasad Nishad, she was released in 1994 on parole.  Mulayam Singh Yadav government withdrew all of her charges and she joined politics to represent Samajwadi Party. On July 25, 2001, three masked men assassinated her out of her bungalow in Delhi. Later, it revealed that the assassination of Phoolan Devi was a revenge for firing on 21 upper-caste men in Behmai.

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3. Cyanide Mallika – KD Kempanna

First lady serial killer of India, K.D. Kempanna was never seemed to be good. She was the owner of a chit fund business in Karnataka and abandoned in 1998 by her husband when she faced a huge loss. She became a killer as she wanted to get rich faster and quicker. She was accused of 5 cold-blooded murders in Bangalore in 1999. She visited temples in Bangalore as a devotee to target those women who were in grief.  After finding one, she heard their problems to gain their confidence and suggest them to do a special Puja to remove all the evils off their lives.

Cyanide Mallika – KD KempannaOnce accepted, she offered them to arrange meeting in a temple out of the city. She asked the victims to wear all the jewelries they have. She offered the drink mixed with cyanide to the victims. After killing them silently, she robbed them and ran away with all the money and jewelry. She was trying to remove the jewelry of one of her victims in Kalasipalyam where she was busted by the police.

4. Anjanabai Gavit, Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde

You may have heard the saying “No one becomes a criminal from their mother’s womb.” Sorry to say, but this statement doesn’t hold true for Seema and Renuka. A Pune resident, Anjanabai Gavit was not a normal housewife. Over 125 cases are filed against Anjanabai for small thefts, such as chain-snatching, pick pocketing, etc. at crowded train stations. Even worse, the crook became the killer when she was abandoned by her husband in the 1990s to marry someone else. Along with her two daughters, Renuka and Seema, and Kiran (Renuka’s husband), planned kidnapping of first daughter of Mohan and Pratima. They kidnapped second daughter in the 1996. Later it was rescued by the police. Anjanabai was the mastermind for kidnaps of around 12 children.

Anjanabai Gavit, Seema Gavit and Renuka ShindeAccording to investigations, they used to throw the kidnapped children on petty crimes. If they stood against them or became too old, they were killed brutally. Barely a year old child, Santosh started crying on a bus stand on evening. She was on panic that child would make others alert. So, they banged the head of infant off the floor and a poll till his death. Later, they threw the child’s body on an auto rickshaw. They ruthlessly gagged another one and a half-year old kid, Bhavna. They wrapped her with a handbag and left it out in a toilet cubicle on a movie theatre.

They beaten 2-year-old child Naresh and starved him to death just because he was crying to go back to his mom. Pankaj, who was 3 years old, showed courage to expose them around their house. He was hanged from the ceiling upside down. They slammed his head off the wall till his death. Their second step-sister was their 14th victim. After getting arrested, Anjanabai was died. Police caught Renuka’s husband and he ended up testifying against the criminal sisters. The court awarded both Seema and Renuka a death sentence in 2001.

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5. Kakoorgachi Serial Killers

Kakoorgachi Serial KillersThis is the oldest serial murder case which dates back to November 8, 1883. The name of the serial killer is still not cleared. For a short time, we can name her, “Devil”.  She was a Kolkata-based woman whose residence was Amratolla lane. Her case was much similar to the case of Cyanide Mallika.  She chose victims who were smart and rich. She asks them to meet at Kakoorgachi. She told them that this place has a garden of her guru. She asked them to dip into the tank for cleaning. Once they dipped, she violently holds them on their locks and chokes them under the water. The tank was so deep that the victims didn’t get any response of their screams. Finally, some fishermen spotted her by following the screams of fifth victim. They handed her to the police.

6. Neha Verma

A beautician, who robbed at Deshpande Residence, Neha Verma befriends Megha to enter the house. Neha’s charm worked and she influenced Megha so she becomes her regular beautician. Neha approached two men Manoj and Rahul to help commit the crime. They opened the fire on reaching the residence. They brutally killed the Deshpande family. They robbed jewelry worth Rs. 5 Lakh, 2 debit cards and Rs. 1.5 Lakh of hard cash.

Neha VermaDuring the investigation, Police got the lead. On the crime scene, Rahul mistakenly shot his own foot. So, he was admitted at the nearest hospital. Within a few days, all three of them were caught with few knives, pistol, debit cards and cash. The police filed the charge sheet against the trio. Their motive was simple. They wanted to make money quickly. Neha was enthralled by lavish lifestyle and wanted to settle with Rahul, her boyfriend. She targeted Megha when he spotted her at Orbit Mall where she sported an expensive jewelry set.  The trio was sentenced to death by the court for killing Megha (42), her daughter Ashlesha Deshpande (21), and her mother-in-law Rohini Phadke (70).

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7. Simran Sood

Starlet Simran Sood was responsible for the sensational murders of two residents in Delhi. She was the wife of a prime suspect and former gangster, Vijay Palande. He was used to honey-trap the people to commit crimes for the sake of property. Earlier, he was charged for double murder case in the years 2002 and 1998. He was released in 2003 on parole. He underwent a cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and came back in 2005 in Mumbai.

Simran SoodThen, he befriended Anuj Tikku, a wannabe actor, to acquire his lavish apartment in Lokhandwala Complex in Mumbai. Simran introduced Palade to Anuj as her brother. Karankumar Kakkad was a wannabe Delhi-based producer. After killing Delhi-based businessman Arunkumar Tikku and Anuj’s father, Simran and Palande were arrested.

8. Maria Susairaj

Maria SusairajThis dreadful murder perhaps didn’t get the punishment to the accused she deserved. Neeraj Grover, a television executive from Mumbai, was a close friend of Maria Susairaj. She filed a complaint when Neeraj went missing. What was found next by the police was truly horrifying. Neeraj was staying at her flat. A naval officer, Emile Jerome and Maria’s boyfriend came to know the matter at that time. He had a doubt that they were on an affair. So, to clarify it, he flew to Chennai where he found both of them on the flat. Angrily, Jerome killed Grover, bought a knife in a nearby mall, cuts his body into several pieces, puts the same in a bag and burnt it in a forest with the help of Maria. Along with killing him, she was also guilty of removing the evidence.

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9. Baby Patankar – Shashikala Patankar

Baby Patankar has been arrested recently as she was involved in drug dealing for around 20 years. She had been trading very threatening drugs.  She started small and became the drug baron in Mumbai. Supplying a famous party drug, M-Cat or “Meow-Meow” (Mephedrone), also known as Bubbles, was her specialty. M-Cat is supposed to be a cross between ecstasy and cocaine. It is a lot cheaper drug than others. It is one of the prohibited drugs in India. It was banned in the UK in 2010 and became the most famous drug there.

Baby Patankar – Shashikala PatankarWhen police constable, and her boyfriend, Dharmaraj Kalokhe was caught for storing around 120 kg of Meow-Meow, things started getting clear. He also kept some of this drug in his locker at police station in Marine Drive. So, she was always on the target of Mumbai police. She had a deep connection within the police force of the city. She also served as an informer of police.

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