India’s Most Popular Amusement and Theme Parks

Thinking for an adventurous and fun trip in your city? Get your backpacks pay a visit to these Theme and Amusement parks in the country. In these parks, you can enjoy loads of water sports, rides, and panoramic views and delicious foods. These theme parks are the best holiday destinations for friends, family, students and couples. From filmmaking to wet ‘n’ wild rides, you can enjoy almost everything. To avoid crowds, be sure to come early.

1. Wonderla in Bangalore

Wonderla in Bangalore

Ticket – Rs. 700 per head (Rs. 540 for Kids on weekdays)

It is one of the best and top-rated amusement parks in the country. It has a lot of rides to enjoy and making your weekend memorable with delicious food. It is an ideal destination for experience and adventure seekers.

2. Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai

Adlabs Imagica in Mumbai

Ticket – Rs. 1500 per head (Rs. 1200 on weekdays for Kids)

It is among the most popular, hi-tech, big budget and latest amusement parks in India. Designed on Universal Studios, the park features 25 themed rides (including 4D simulator and India’s largest roller coaster), along with 5 themed restaurants. So, get ready to escape into fantasy and live the stories. It is an ideal adventurous destination for both adults and children who love to have some great time enjoying water activities and rides.

3. EsselWorld in Mumbai

Essel World in Mumbai

Ticket – Rs. 790 Per Head (Rs. 490 for Children)

Founded in 1999, Essel World was the first theme water park in India. It is one of the largest amusement parks in India. It has up to 30 rides, including bowling alley, Water Kingdom, Aquadrome dance floor, and ice skating rink, giving a lot of options for entertainment and fun. For party people looking for fun and engaging trip, it is the best destination to go.

4. Wonderla Kochi (erstwhile VeegaLand)

Wonderla Kochi (erstwhile VeegaLand)

Ticket – Rs. 580 per head and Rs. 470 for Kids

Spans over 20 acres of landscapes, Wonderla Kochi is India’s largest amusement park. It has up to 40 attractions and rides. There are four types of rides available here, such as Water, Family, Hair Raising, and Kiddies. If you are getting there, don’t forget to take a boat journey, Wonder Splash, which will take you to a cave world loaded with mysteries in a clear pool. It also has a 3D movie theatre.

5. Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon

Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon

Ticket – Rs. 1200 to 3500 per head

Established in 2010, the mighty Kingdom of Dreams is the first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination in India. It is designed for those wanting adventurous tour and to explore something new. It has India’s most hi-tech auditorium, Nautanki Mahal, a Showshaa Theatre and cuisine zone, Culture Gully.

6. Nicco Park, Kolkata

Nicco Park, Kolkata

Ticket – Rs. 430 per head

Located in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, Nicco Park was developed not just for leisure, but also for infotainment. Here you can enjoy the great water rides and unleash the kid into you while enjoying several rides, from action packed roller coaster to lazy and peaceful boat ride.

7. Worlds of Wonders in Noida

Worlds of Wonders in Noida

Ticket – Rs. 600 per Head

If you are flying to Delhi for leisure purpose, be sure to choose World of Wonders as your next destination. It is one of the 10 best amusement parks in the country. It is an ideal destination for your family to enjoy some delicious food and have some amazing rides. It has both outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy.

8. MGM Dizzee World in Chennai

MGM Dizzee World in Chennai

Ticket – Rs. 800 Per head (Rs. 577 for kids)

This amusement park is offering absolute family entertainment in a very unique way. It is best for both children and adults to have fun-filled day with several amazing rides. It is among the best amusement parks in the country.

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