Some Interesting Facts about DTC Bus

DTC BusDTC or Delhi Transport Corporation is the leading public transport across Delhi. It operates buses on several routes, including Bahri Mudrika (Outer Ring Road) and Mudrika (Ring Road). It is one of the world’s largest CNG operated bus service operators.  The buses are being operated around 46 depots of which 18 include old buses and others have low floor buses. The three Inter State Bus Terminals – Anand Vihar, Sarai Kale Khan Interstate Bus Terminus and Kashmiri Gate Inter State Bus Terminal, are operating interstate buses. In Delhi, the DTC is the hugely distributed bus network. With this network, it connects virtually every part of the city. Mudrika and Bahri Mudrika are the most prominent networks of these buses as they are connecting all landmarks of the city with huge range of buses running till 10:30 pm.

Metro Feeder Buses

In Delhi, the bus transportation is witnessing huge transformation with the entry of DMRC. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is connecting the city of Delhi better with DTC by operating new routes and connecting the daily commuters in different areas to provide better city experience.

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High Capacity Bus Service


DTC has also initiated High Capacity Bus service on few of the major routes and it has been working on to develop more bus routes. The service uses High Capacity buses with great capacity of carrying loads and better facilities, such as less congestion, less travel time, air conditioning, GPS navigation and cozy interiors. You can recognize High Capacity Buses with their sleek, new design and dazzling red color. The former Chief Minister Shiela Dixit inaugurated these air conditioned DTC buses on June 4, 2008, while commemorating World Environment Day at India Gate. She also inaugurated the 8 whole-new air conditioned buses. These Red Line buses run on select routes and two run on the newly-built rapid transport corridor. Surprisingly, the bus fare starts from just Rs. 10 to Rs. 25. The DTC officials claimed that they will introduce 5000 new low-floored buses along with 1000 air conditioned buses.

Interstate Bus Network

DTC is among the leading bus services in North India. It is connecting virtually every major city of North India. It is connecting Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

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Well, we have something more you should know about DTC bus services. Here are some of the lesser-known facts –

  • The Government of India took over the nation in 1948 and the bus service operator which was earlier known as the Gwalior & Northern India Transport Company Ltd. Then, it had been renamed as Delhi Transport Service
  • Under Road Transport Corporation Act 1950, Delhi Road Transport Authority was formed and it became the important part of MCD as Delhi Transport in 1958.
  • Finally, the local state government took over the control of DTU in the year 1971.
  • DTC is considered to be the largest employer in public transport in Northern India by giving jobs to over 18000 people.
  • Currently, DTC has become the world’s largest CNG-operated bus network
  • DTC doesn’t operate orange colored buses. So, don’t confuse when you travel in Delhi next time.
  • The conductors in DTC tear off the ticket for you at the time when you board the bus and at the destination point.
  • In DTC bus, the passenger has to get the ticket from the conductor. They don’t come to you to tear off the ticket for you.
  • Tata Marcopolo buses, the joint venture between Marcopolo SA Brazil and Tata Motors India, are operated by the DTC fleet.
  • The Red Line buses are completely air conditioned and Green Line buses are non air conditioned.
  • At the top corner of DTC bus ticket, a 3 or 4 digit number shows the route number of your bus.
  • DTC also publishes ‘Dipani Patrika’, an in-house magazine.
  • The Delhi Kathmandu bus service is also operated by DTC
  • The Millennium Park Depot Complex from DTC is spread over 2,08,369 sq. meter in East Delhi, making it world’s largest bus depot.
  • The bus charges for non-AC buses don’t exceed Rs. 15 and maximum fare in AC buses is just Rs. 25.
  • DTC has owned over 77 properties across Delhi and a lot of them are depots or terminals.
  • Over 3100 buses run on Delhi roads on regular basis.
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