10 Facts about India’s Richest Man- Mr. Dilip Shanghvi

India’s richest man, Dilip Shanghvi, is the founder and the Managing Director of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and has a net worth of $21.8 billion. He was born in a Amreli, a small town in Gujarat on First October, 1955. Dilip Shanghvi’s name was never heard before when someone spoke about the rich people and the only name that came to everyone’s mind was of Ambani. But Dilip with his talent and smartness is today India’s richest man.

Dilip Shanghvi

He is smart talented and he knows his ways of working. He has acquired various companies under him and has done a great deal of business and has reached to this high. His son is the senior manager of the company. Over the last year, Sun Pharma has gained 46 percent at the stock exchange. He gave up his position as a chairman in the year 2012 and instead asked Israel Makov, who was the former president and CEO of Teva Pharma to take care of the company.  There are certain unknown facts about Dilip Shanghvi and here is a list of top ten facts about him.

10. Where else has he invested:

Apart from the pharma industry, Dilip Shanghvi has also invested in the energy sector and has acquired twenty three percent of stake in Tulsi Tanti’s Suzlon Energy, which is worth $300 Million.

9. World Ranking of Sun Pharmaceuticals:

Today, this industry is world’s fifth largest Pharmaceutical Company and has a net worth of more than twenty billion dollars.

8. Companies under Shanghvi:

Shanghvi has acquired over sixteen companies under him, which includes Ranbaxy, Carco Pharma which is a US based company and Taro Pharma, which is an Israeli Company.

7. The credit of first pharma research and development centre goes to him:

Shanghvi created Sun Pharma in the year 1982 and a decade after that in the year 1993. He opened a centre for research and development, which was the country’s first Pharmaceutical centre.

6. Dethroned Mukesh Ambani:

Mukesh Ambani, who was the richest man of the country for ages, was dethroned by Dilip Shanghvi on 19th February of 2015. Ambani’s net worth is $19.8 billion whereas Dilip’s net worth is $21.8 billion, making him the richest man of the country.

5. He was a drug distributor:

Before forming his company, Dilip used to sell drugs and later on after years of working he formed his own drug store- Sun Pharma, which is today, the most renowned company of the country.

4. Early days:

In his early days, Dilip acquired a small scale drug manufacturing plant of Knoll Pharmacy in Ahemdnagar, Maharashtra and in the same year, the sale operations of the company expanded to 24 countries. Since then Sun Pharmaceuticals has made acquisitions in the country and outside the country, and of which, acquiring Taro Pharma, an Israeli company was his biggest achievement.

3. Education:

Dilip, unlike others leading the Pharma companies has no background in science and he did his graduation in commerce from Bhawanipur Education Society College in Kolkata. His smartness and skills in trading and selling made him stand where he is standing today.

2. He is more of a manager than a leader:

Shanghvi, the world’s richest man, is not someone with leadership skills, in-fact he loves to manage and is capable of managing things with utmost ease. He holds 60.8% of the total stakes of Sun Pharma. He is very capable of managing people rather than leading, and in one of his rare interviews he said, he needs great minds to manage with ease, as the business grows bigger the chances of mistakes increases.

1. The decision of coming to Mumbai from Kolkata:

In the year 1987, Dilip Shanghvi made a decision of shifting to Mumbai from Kolkata, and for that he borrowed 10,000 Rupees from his father, who was a trader of bulk Pharma products, to set up his own business. Today, Shanghvi is India’s richest man.

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