Keep your kids away from these 9 pervert video games


See, one thing is for sure that sex does sell. Whether Bollywood or Hollywood. Internet world or real life, the people when alone watch sex, read about it, and now also want to play. Some gaming companies nowadays, to compose people’s desire making games that are fun to play and enjoy playing too. Understood?

1. Stick Shift – Love Your Car

UntitledThis is very funny game. Where you have to play with car gears in such way that it seems that you are playing to yourself.

2. Hurt Me Plenty – BDSM Simulator

Untitled1This game will take you into the world of BDSM, where you will suffer pain for Satisfaction. In this game, there is a need of webcam and its control is not easy. Indeed, the game is quite confusing.

3. Lula 3D – Porn Movie Production Simulator

Untitled2In this game Pornstar Lula is not able to shoot a porn movie. You have to help her by playing this game. Critics have given very low score to this game; you can decide yourself by seeing its introduction on YouTube.

4. Trials In Tainted Space (TITS) – Some Alien Lovin

Untitled3This video game is like a novel where you have to make characters in the game. There are different types of alien creatures that you have fascinate to move forward in the game.

5. Creature And Love Shiyo Tsu! Maiden – Date Many Of Lovecraft’s Monsters

Untitled4One does not understand the creativity of the Japanese. They introduce such Funny things that just make no sense. Take a look at this game now. Here your character would go on a date with is haunting demons. What would be fun to play it?

6. Conception II – Mate, Give Birth, Fight!

Untitled5It is basically a dating game, but with funny twist. Here you will be able to take a character on a date and later you have to fight with them. Romance and action, both in this game, like a spicy Hindi film.

7. How Do You Do It? – Sexual Education Simulator

Untitled6These games will give you sex education, but with dolls. Do not play it at home, because if you get caught then you will get in trouble.

8. 7 Sins – Debauchery Simulator

Untitled7There are 7 Deadly Sins of Christianity, and the game is based on these sins. You have to select the sin that you do today and then the game moves accordingly. In this game there are many weird and pervert levels you have to cross to win the game. But do not commit this sin!

9. The Sims 3 (With Mods) – Everything Is Possible

It would be the most pervert game ever more. In Sims you can do things that you actually imagine. These games will take you to the black and dark alleys of sex because you can customize this game as per your liking.

Untitled8Creator of these pervert games know that many people will play them and so these are sold in the market. But I think that in our country no one would want to play these games. Is it?




Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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