Discover The Secret To Living A long Healthy Life From A 256 Year Old Man

There were reports for a Chinese herbalist who went on to live up to 256 years. Li Ching Yun or Li Ching Yuen claimed that he was born in 1736 and dies in 1933. That estimate would put his age across as 197 years old at the time of death. Although, experts could not point out exactly how old he was, there were many accounts that claim that Li Ching Yuen was indeed 256 years old. If these rumors are proven to be true, then this smashes the records of the confirmed longest lifespans by a long way. Many locals believe that his age was genuine. If you look at the pictures of Li Ching Yuen, you will believe that he indeed reached a very old age.

Li Ching Yun

Li Ching Yun a 256 years old man

The oldest man in the world was known to live for 116 years. His name was Jiroemon Kimura. The oldest living woman was Jeanne Calment who went on to live for 122 years. Jiroemon Kimura was born in Kamiukawa, Japan. He was said to live an active life and his secret to a long life was eating small portions of food. Jeanne Calment was from France and took up fencing and rode a bicycle up until her 100th birthday. Li Ching Yuen’s story was covered in the New York Times and the Time Magazine mentioning his longevity. A professor had reported he possessed various documents that actually proved that Li Ching Yuen did in fact live for 256 years. Li was Chinese legend. Reports claim that Li married 23 women and had 200 children and grandchildren. Some stories also claimed that he had married only 14 women. Li Ching Yuen had various tips that helped him survive for so long.

Jiroemon Kimura

Jiroemon Kimura oldest man in the world

Jeanne Calment

oldest woman was Jeanne Calment

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