Memorize these 10 Best excuses to run out of Bad Date next time

Dating is not a bad thing, but dating a wrong person can just run through your mind as a phobia that will kill your enthusiasm for the next day. Being prepared to deal with the Bad Date will surely fill your mind with several genuine excuses that will shield you to walk out as a star for a next try.

10. Facebook hot friends, their relationship status

Facebook hot friends, their relationship statusYou don’t need always to make an excuse and walk out, make the situation stiff for her with talking about social sites and her list of hot friends you checked out while checking her profile. Girls can never tolerate the slam on ego and she will walk away first.

9. The Paranormal Prank

The Paranormal PrankStart murmuring dialogues like you are possessed with an evil soul that is challenging you to a fight, the prank may sound filmy but it will surely work as she will not only walk away, she will run like hell to save herself from either a considered psycho or an evil ghost possessed boy.

8. Uncomfortable Wardrobe Excuse

Uncomfortable Wardrobe ExcuseThe best and 100% non-hurting excuse is wardrobe malfunctioning as it is natural to be the victim of it anytime and anywhere. Just pour some wine or colored liquid drink to your fancy clothes and make an excuse to walk out.

7. Food Poisoning

Food PoisoningNo one can stop you or doubt you if the food you just ate upsets your digestion and the urgency to end the party mood is considered highly emergent, just rush to the restroom several times and your partner can understand the situation.

6. Busy Corporate Being

Busy Corporate BeingSet alarm as your message tone and make it ring three-four times during the spell if the date is turning fine just ignore it, if not make it an excuse to walk out as work urgency.

5. Female Friend to enter as Cameo role

Female Friend to enter as Cameo roleAsk your female friend to be on your radar, if things go bad just hint her to blast in as your ex-girlfriend to create a nasty drama. You can also guide her to act as your secret admirer and the girl dating you will judge the case.

4. The Family Calling

The Family CallingLet your phone beep in between and take it as a call from home, Uncle arriving from village earlier than expected will be best and genuine excuse to walk in a hurry.

3. Discussing posts marriage things

Discussing posts marriage thingsIf you want the person in front of you to run away immediately, just discuss with your dating partner posts marriage things like wall paintings, kids and she will surely call you retard and walk away.

2. Friend needs help

Friend needs helpThe fight is a boy thing, just tell your friends are in middle of some mess and you need to act as savior, walk away like a hero and there is no chance of any doubt.

1. Half mentioned excuse

Half mentioned excuseThe best way to walk out is with an excuse not completed in terms of urgency, start a reason with popular F-word slang and walk away and let her dream the whole reason.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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