Miniature Tattoo Designs That Will Encourage You To Get Inked

Getting inked is one of the most exciting times of your life. However, objection from our parents usually stops us from taking the big step. Tattoos are usually made in all sizes, shapes and colors. An amazing looking tattoo does not necessarily have to look complicated or big. Although, big and complicated tattoos are good to look at, there are smaller tattoos that everyone will love looking at, even your mother. The new trend these days is to make a tattoo that looks subtle and create a bigger impact than a bigger tattoo. Small tattoos may not look like much, they can symbolize something great. Here are a few tattoos that look amazing and classy.

Quotation Marks: This is a great tattoo idea for any person who loves to read or is related to books in anyway. It helps represent your likes, passions and hobbies in a subtle manner.

Quotation Marks

Wild Mountain: This is a great tattoo idea for any person who loves adventure and a free life. It is simple, classy and ideal for any person who wants to get inked but doesn’t like bulky designs.

Wild Mountain

Overlapped Geometric Shapes: This is one of the best designs that is perfect for the artistic mind. It is very unique and is not something that you will see. It is a bold, yet delicate design that is different looking.

Overlapped Geometric Shapes

Umbrella Under Rain: Rain is usually associated with sad days, while a few people enjoy the rain. This amazing tattoo looks artistic and small yet colorful.

Umbrella Under Rain

Arm Party: This tattoo is a very simple line drawn around your wrist with a small twist. It looks amazing on people who do not like wearing bracelets.

Arm Party

Solar Eclipse: Want a tattoo design that will stand out? The Solar Eclipse tattoo is a perfect example that doesn’t take up too much skin and still looks amazing.

Solar Eclipse

Mini Whale: If you love sea creatures, try getting a tattoo of a tiny whale or any other under water creature that you like. Two small bubbles with this tattoo will make it look special.

Mini Whale

Modern Gems: A few lines are all it takes to get a creative, intricate and stylish design that looks very beautiful. This is one of those designs that will stand out no matter where you get it done.

Modern Gems

Tiny Sprigs: Have you ever looked at a sprig of Lavender or any flower. Getting this tattoo is perfect for people who love flowers and are not bold enough to get an entire bouquet tattooed on them.

Tiny Sprigs

Lines and Lines: Who knew that a few simple lines can stand out and look so beautiful? A number of people are getting this design done on different parts of their body. They look like bangles when on the wrist and like arm bands on the arm.

Lines and Lines

Crossed Branches: This is a simple tattoo design that features two simple branches. This tattoo would look perfect behind your arm.

Crossed Branches

Mini Star Constellation: These connecting stars look very classy and are perfect when put together. You can make them wherever you want and you can also experiment with the size.

Mini Star Constellation

Offset Birds: This is another simple design that features the outline of two birds that can intercept each other. These birds can represent you and your partner or your best friend.

Offset Birds

Musical Note: If you love music or you’re a musician, this delicate tattoo is something you should consider getting. It is delicate, yet bold and it stands out like no other.

Musical Note

Matching Triangles: This design features the amazing Ying and Yang in the form of triangles. Each triangle can be made on two best friends or lovers.

Matching Triangles

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