World’s Most Expensive Fruits

One of the best things that keep you healthy, wealthy and wise is good thoughts, regular exercise and intake of fruits. Healthy food is always expensive deal, eating out on fast food corner would less cheap than eating healthy salad in some café. If you love to be stay healthy then you must include green salad and fruits in your daily food intake. There are certain fruits which are so expensive and luxurious that you have spent hefty amount to have them. Here we are providing you list of most expensive fruits in the world. These are also some of the rare fruits that also a reason for being so expensive.

Yubari Melon ($23,000/Per Pair)

Yubari King is one of the most expensive fruits which are from the line in the family of orange melons. It is from Cantaloupe family and people either really love, or just absolutely hate it. If you have loved this melon then you will love the Yubari Melon as well. To get these amazing and tasty fruit you have to travel to the Hokkaido Island near Sapporo.

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Densuke Watermelon ($6,100/Each)

Densuke Black Watermelon

The Densuke watermelon is one of the most amazing fruit and also expensive because it is rare fruit. This melon is larger in size as compare to other watermelon and its black rind amazing. The fruit is expensive only because it is rare in nature and you can find it in the island region of Hokkaido Japan. Only 10,000 are grown each year and you can get it through auction.

Ruby Roman Grapes ($4,000/Per Bunch)

Ruby Roman Grapes When we are talking about the expensive fruits then Ruby Roman Grapes should be in the list and it is come out of the country of Japan. These grapes are also known as table grapes because of the size which is the size of ping pong balls. You enjoy this amazing and big sized grape you have to travel to the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan.

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Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes ($3,000/Per Pair)

Taiyo no Tamago MangoesTaiyo no Tamago mangoes are one of the most amazing fruits and if we translate translates the meaning into English it comes out as “Egg of the Sun”. This is amazing fruit because it shaped egg mango. It is exclusive fruit and the Egg of the Sun Company refuses to sell any single one which is weigh over 350 grams and isn’t packed with high sugar content.

Pineapples From The Lost Gardens of Heligan ($1,600/Each)

Pineapples From The Lost Gardens of HeliganPineapples From The Lost Gardens of Heligan , United Kingdom deserve to be in the list. Fruits like pineapples are not common in Europe, and the Heligan is a place where only one left in the entire continent. It is one of the most expensive fruit due the way it get cultivated. The pineapples grow and stay ripe with two giant mud structures are based in rotting manure.

Square Watermelon ($800.00/Each)

Square WatermelonAs we all know that watermelon are round in shape but when we are talking about expensive fruit then square shaped watermelon should be on the list. To find this amazing watermelon you have to travel to Japan where these watermelons are sold at department stores across the country. It is one of the expensive fruits and many people even don’t eat but use it as decorative item.

 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries ($85.00/Pack Of 12)

 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries The Senbikiya Queen Strawberry is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. As the name suggests queen then it is fanciest of all the fruits on this list. You will get 12 strawberries in one package. These 12 strawberries are absolutely gorgeous and you don’t want to eat these strawberries just because of the beauty it posses.  You have to spend 85.00/Pack Of 12.

Dekopon Citrus ($80.00/Pack Of Six)

Dekopon CitrusDekopon Citrus is one of the most expensive and amazing fruits around the globe. These oranges look quite different with the size of softballs and have a huge hump on the very top. These oranges are not only expensive but also the most delicious and sweet oranges in the entire world.  To enjoy this fruit you have to spend around $4 for a pack at the local market.

Sekai Ichi Apples ($21.00 Each)

Sekai Ichi ApplesSekai Ichi Apples deserve to be in the list because it is still the most expensive in the entire world. It is not only expensive but also big and the rarity makes it really expensive. The single apple weighs around two pounds. To enjoy this apple you have to spend $21.00 each at the local market. Sekai Ichi simply means “World’s Number One”.

Buddha Shaped Pears ($9.00/Each)

Buddha Shaped PearsBuddha Shaped Pears is not only expensive fruit but also one of the cutest fruit you ever come across. To enjoy this fruit you have to travel to the country of China. Some people consider it as a most bizarre fruit in the entire world. To get this fruit you have to spend $9.00/Each in the local market.

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