Top 5 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

It goes without saying that laptops are considered to be the most important things in this modern age. Since it is the era of modern technology, a lot of people are using social media through their laptops and doing all the important work on the go. In the past, people used to rely only on their desktop computers by sitting on a specific place and there were no laptops. They were dependent on the consistent power supply. With the arrival of laptops, the daily lives of the people have become easier because they provide around 3 to 4 hours of backup once fully charged.

These days, people can’t live without gadgets and they are truly very obsessed about them. There are different companies producing laptops and exporting them all around the world. Some laptops come at very affordable price so every normal user can afford it. Laptops come with different accessories like cooling fans and bags. All the latest models come with high price tags because they have a lot of amazing features and they have used latest technology. These laptops have become the basic needs for every project, assignment and job. But there are some luxurious laptops that are something more than the basics. Here are the top 5 most expensive laptops ever made.

1. Luvaglio – $1000,000

This one million dollar laptop is world’s most expensive laptop ever made. It is manufactured by Luvaglio which worked with several professional makers and designers to produce this computer. The company is offering the options to choose materials that customers can choose on their laptops, such as gold and diamond. It has 17” high resolution screen with self-cleaning mechanism. You can easily upgrade the hardware at anytime.


2. Tulip E-Go Diamond – $355,000

The special part of this stunning laptop is white gold plates and diamonds studded to make it more precious and perfect laptop. It also features expensive ruby which is studded on the logo of its brand. It was made for women who love to stay up-to-date in fashion and it comes with several colorful covers. You can change it as per your need. The outer shell is designed by the well-known jewelry designer, Laurent de Beer.

Tulip E-Go Diamond

3. Mac Book Pro 24K Gold $30000

You can easily get this model customized. Made by Apple, Mac Book Pro 24K Gold is very precious model as the company charges such a hefty amount for the good. But people still can’t stop themselves to buy it. It is the custom-made brand which is designed as per the specific needs of the buyer. The outer shell was made with 24K gold which is enhanced with Apple logo made of diamonds. It is made in limited edition.

Mac Book Pro 24K

4. Ego for Bentley – $20000

You may have heard the car model Bentley. So, this brand needs no introduction. In order to produce this laptop, Bentley is partnered with Ego. It is styled in traditional Bentley style with the diamonds that strategically match the interior of the car. This hand-crafted laptop has the frame made of white gold and handle is designed like Bentley model. Only 250 pieces were available of this limited-edition laptop.

Ego for Bentley

5. Voodoo Envy 171 – $8500

Voodoo is very expensive and popular brand from Hewlett Packard. This model was more popular to be a workstation rather than a normal PC. It was made especially for working people and engineers. It provides several amazing services and features and these things make it very expensive. Voodoo stopped manufacturing computers after 2012. This portable computer came with high price of $8500.

Voodoo Envy 171

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