Mothers Step Aside, This Father Daughter Duo Have The Perfect Hairdo

A model from New York has hair flowing like a lion. Infact, he pulls off his long flowing mane better than a lion. Whats even better is his daughter has inherited her father’s amazing hair. Benny Harlem and his daughter, Jaxyn, have identical hairstyles that they love showing off to the world. This father daughter post regular pictures on their Instagram account and so far they have over 120,000 followers.

Benny Harlem is a stylish model who hails from New York. Apart from modelling, he does his bit for the society by giving inspiring advice to everyone on how to become a good father. Benny does not pressurize Jaxyn to look and style her hair like his. He gives her complete freedom to style her hair she wants to. However, being daddy’s little girl, she decides to not only match her father’s hair, but most times his clothes as well. Benny Harlem started growing his hair when he was just 15 years. He wanted to show his creativity by growing his hair. Harlem is on a strict diet of water and a healthy diet. He believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loves keeping his body, spirit and mind healthy. He believes that this attitude allows his hair to grow well and flow gracefully.

Benny loves walking Jaxyn to school on a daily basis. He even helps her with her studies and reading. She has turned out to be the most intelligent girl in her class due to her father’s support. Benny and Jaxyn make it a point to wash their hair once a week. Benny even creates his own brand of shampoo using healthy natural ingredients such as berries and coconut. One important rule they follow is that no one if allowed to get close or even touch their flowing hair.

Benny believes in preparing Jaxyn for life and protecting her. He wants to stay as her keeper and protect her from the evils of today’s world. The reason Benny started growing his hair was to develop his personality. He wanted to stand out from everyone and be creative, different, fun and crazy. Benny and Jaxyn usually match their outfits with each other and pose for the camera. Although Jaxyn wants to become a dancers just like her mother when she grows up, she is currently happy following her father’s footstep. Benny only wants the best for Jaxyn and wants her to earn respect in life.

Benny and Jaxyn always garner attraction wherever they go. People usually ask for pictures to be clicked with them; however they very rarely oblige. They believe in being unique and are seen only with each other. They love their beautiful hair and want to show it off to the world only with each other in the picture. There are very few pictures of Benny’s wife in any of the pictures. Although initially Jaxyn was conscious of her hair, Benny made her feel comfortable and accept her abnormally large growth of hair. Benny believes that if you are not comfortable with yourself, you will never be comfortable in front of others. He has imbibed confidence in Jaxyn and helped her grow up with a positive attitude towards everything, just like his.

This father daughter have no idea till what length they will keep growing their hair. They just want to continue enjoying their style statement and expressing themselves freely. With no end in sight for this amazing father daughter duo’s hair, they are sure to attract everyone’s attention for years to come.

Harlem began growing his hair out when he 15 years old. He sees his long mane as an extension of his creativity.

Harlem began

To grow his hair and maintain its health, Harlem drinks a lot of water. He also relies on keeping a clean diet.


“Health is my lifestyle. I believe that being healthy mind, body, and spirit allows my hair to reach beyond its peak,” explains Harlem.


This devoted father walks his daughter to school everyday and helps her on her reading. With his support, she is now the number one reader in her class.


The duo washes their hair every week. Harlem makes his own shampoo from natural ingredients like coconut and berries. They also have a rule that people are not allowed to touch their hair.

Harlem makes

“The only way for me to protect her for life is to prepare her for life. I am my daughter’s keeper,” wrote Harlem about raising Jaxyn.

Harlem about

Harlem says his personality did not really develop until he grew his hair out. He wants, “to be different, creative, crazy, fun, and fly.”

Harlem says

Jaxyn and Harlem often pose in matching outfits like these ones. Jaxyn wants to grow up to be a dancer like her mom. Although, for Harlem it’s preparing her for life that is most important to him. “My only concern of my daughter is the nobility of her character. I teach her to demand respect,” says Harlem.

Jaxyn and Harlem

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