MTV Roadies Winners List All Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

MTV RoodiesMTV Roadies is, without a doubt, one of the most popular reality TV shows in India. It is loved, especially by youths. The show is telecasted on MTV. MTV Roadies has successfully completed 12 seasons. The show has been judged by some of the popular VJs and celebs like Rannvijay Singh, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, and Nikhil Chinappa.

Any youth can take part in MTV Roadies just by filling a form and giving answers some of the unusual personal questions like “What’s the Biggest Regret of Your Life?” and “Why Do You Want to Be a Roadie?”

Then they have to pass through Group Discussion session monitored by the moderators and then the successful applicants can go through the next round, which is interviewed by the judges.

The applicant selected by the judges gets the opportunity to participate in the show along with other contestants. Each Roadie is provided with a bike and assigned to travel on several routes. At the end of each episode, a vote-out is held in which a roadie is eliminated by other contestants. Each episode has several tasks to be performed by each contestant. All in all, Roadies is all about fun, entertainment, adventure, and thrill.

Have a look on the list of the winners in all 12 seasons.

Season 1 – Rannvijay Singh (2003)

Rannvijay Singh is a famous celebrity now. Very few people knew that he is the winner of Season 1 of Roadies which he is hosting these days with Raghu and Rajiv. Now he is an Indian TV host, presenter and film actor. He belongs to army family. He was ready to join Army before entering into television.

Season 2 – Ayushmann Khurana (2004)

Most of the people know Ayushman Khurana as a singer or Bollywood actor but only a few know that he won Season 2 of MTV Roadies and he is also a VJ. He hosted few of the popular TV shows. He made his acting debut with romantic comedy Vicky Donor, by Shoojit Sircar. The film got both commercial and critical success and his performance was excellent.

Season 3 – Parul Shahi (2005)

The Season 3 of MTV Roadies was telecasted on November 11, 2005 and had 13 contestants. The winner was Parul Shahi who is based in Delhi. She was the first lady who won the show.

Season 4 – Anthony Yeh (2006)

He was the winner of Season 4 of MTV Roadies but he couldn’t manage to enter on big screen. He belonged to Kolkata and the season had 13 contestants.

Season 5 – Ashutosh Kaushik (2007)

When compared to Season 4, MTV Roadies Season 5 was considered more special because the season was shot in various locations across the world for the first time. The show was telecasted on March 22 and had 13 contestants. Ashutosh Kaushik was the winner of Season 5. He also participated in Bigg Boss Season 2 where he also won the trophy.

Season 6 – Nauman Sait (2009)

Season 6 was special among others because it was the first which had 20 contestants. Nauman Sait was the winner of this season.

Season 7 – Anwar Syed (2010)

The season 7 was started on March 28 and shot in Egypt, Kenya and India. Anwar Syed was the winner of the season.

Season 8 – Aanchal Khurrana (2011)

Roadies got another lady winner after Season 3. Another coincidence is that she was from Delhi too.

Season 9 – Vikas Khoker (2012)

The season 9 was started on January 7 with 13 contestants. Vikas Khoker was the winner of the show.

Season 10 – Palak Johal (2013)

The Season 10 was telecasted on January 19 with total of 16 contestants. Palak Johal was another woman who won Roadies title.

Season 11 – Nikhil Sachdeva (2014)

The Season 11 was aired on January 25 and won by Nikhil Sachdeva from Delhi.

Roadies X2 – Prince Narula (2015)

He was the ultimate winner of Season 12 of Roadies which was aired on June 27. He won Hero Karizma ZMR and Rs. 5 Lakh of cash prize. He gifted the bike to his friend Gurmeet, the first runner-up in the show. Currently, he is the first finalist in reality TV show, Bigg Boss 9.

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