Mysterious Death of 6 Female Celebs!

One instance of Deepika Padukone’s dejection, the circumstance in which she felt directionless, void, and frightening made us to think that these situations are not normal and you end up taking huge step. These elements of melancholy can lead anyone to a suicide means end of life. Now we will discuss mysteries death of 6 female celebs.

1. Silk Smita

Silk SmitaSilk Smita was popular Telugu actress and with Sadma she has gotten comfortable to Hindi gatherings of people. The 80’s sultry performer has known for her sizzler and hot picture in tollywood. It was said that she was merciless in her dealings with press; that she treated makers and producers like filth. That she was haughty, unsocial and rude towards partners and senior artistes. The reason of her passing was budgetary issues, relationships, and utilization of liquor which tosses her in sadness and result was demise. She was lonely and needed help.

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2. Parveen Babi

Parveen BabiEvergreen performing artist Parveen Babi gave such a large number of Bollywood hits including Namak halal, Kaalia, Deewar, Razia sultan which demonstrates its point of reference until the end of time. All of a sudden this beautiful diva was vanish from Bollywood without advising anybody at the look of her profession in 1983 and on 22 January 2005 she discovered dead in her Mumbai flat with the high utilization of liquor, as per postmortem report. Parveen’s life was brimming with catastrophe with the variety of disappointments in association with many married man.

3. Jiah Khan

Jiah KhanThere is most likely why Jiah has conferred suicide as we need to make surmises in different stories of suicide. In her suicide take note of this excellent performer clarifies the explanation for her saying so as to pass she charged her beau Sooraj Pancholi “You decimated my life. It hurt me so much that I sat tight for you for ten days and you didn’t try purchasing me something. The Goa outing was my birthday show however even after you duped regardless I spent on you. she was hurt and upset with the behavior of her boyfriend that made her to took such drastic step.

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4. Varsha Bhosle

Varsha BhosleAsha bhosle’s little girl Varsha Bhosle shot herself because of agony from melancholy why should said be near Rajadhyaksha, was distressed after his demise. Varsha bhosle has sung for few movies and had composed for a few of distributions amid her profession as writer.

5. Shikha Joshi

Shikha JoshiThe BA pass performing artist Shikha Joshi slices her throat with the sharp blade. For her situation, she affirmed a restorative specialist for badgering charges. Shikha Joshi was tried her luck in Bollywood and had got breast implant in 2006. Shikha was found in pool of blood with her throat opening on May 16 evening.

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6. Nafeesa Joseph

Nafeesa JosephThe beautiful and charming Nafeesa Joseph was a model and video move and had won a Miss India universe in 2007; this TV celeb was likewise irritated about her marriage to Gautam Khanduja. As indicated by Nafeesa’s guardians, she finished her life as she altogether discouraged. She had started her career as model at age of 12 when her neighbor got her a chance to show for distribution center commercial.


Such horrible situation can arise in anyone life you just need to calm and compose so that nothing happen to you likes 6 female celebs and their mysteries death.

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