Nestle’s 10 Best Selling Products India

Nestle is one of the biggest player in the consumer market and has versatile products to its credit. Nestle started its operation in India in 1950s and ever since has captured larger segment of population through its products. It is one of the largest food companies in the world and is also ranked in Fortune 500. It has wide range of products right from breakfast to dinner items and the refined taste and high nutrition content makes its product stand out. Here are the top 10 best selling products from Nestle in India

10) Nestle A+ Slim Milk

Nestle A+ Slim MilkIt is double toned package drinking milk which is pasteurised and can be consumed directly from the packet without boiling. It is a great pick among all weight checkers and packed with high nutritional value. The double toned milk reduces the amount of fat cumulated in body.

9) Nestea

NesteaIt is refreshing summer drink and is packaged mixture for prepared ice tea. It is packed in half or full kg packet and helps in preparing instant ice tea. Mix the ready-made ice tea content with cold water and enjoy the refreshing drink to relax during summers. It has abundant nutritional content.

8) Nestle Milkmaid

Nestle MilkmaidMost of us have eaten milkmaid and still do directly from the tin can. It is artificial sweetener that is used in preparing sweets and is packed with goodness of milk and other nutrition. It helps in enhancing the taste of any desert or sweet dish.

7) Everyday Milk Powder

Everyday Milk PowderFor people addicted to tea it is great tea taste enhancer as the milk powder slowly dissolves in the tea and brings out a great taste. It is the most widely used milk powder brand in India due to its fine taste, great nutritional value and consistency in quality. The powdered milk consists of adequate sugar and is processed appropriately.

6) Neslac

NeslacIt is one of the popular baby foods which is packed with completely researched ingredients and contains everything for proper growth of baby. The powder baby food can be mixed with milk into a thick semi solid form and is given to babies. It has high nutritional content and is very important for development of baby.

5) Munch

MunchIt is one of the lightest, tasty and cost effective chocolate in the market and almost every like the taste. Two layers of wafers are completely coated with chocolate and give a mouth melting taste. It is available for Rs 5 as well as Rs 10 depending on the size of the chocolate.

4) Tomato Ketchup

Tomato KetchupThere might be ketchup from other consumer brands but the taste of Nestle ketchup is unbeatable. It is a must purchase to every household making it one of the most popular products from Nestle. The quality is thick with goodness of tomato.

3) KitKat

KitKatHave a break, have a Kit Kat definitely suits the chocolate because the chocolate melts in your mouth and relaxes you. It has double wafers neatly covered by chocolate throughout and the delicate joining of all the pieces makes it unique. It is undoubtedly one of the popular Nestle product.

2) NesCafe


There is no competition to the taste, flavour and aroma of Nescafe coffee and the coffee powder is prepared with finely grounded coffee beans. We all love coffee and this makes Nescafe one of the best selling products from House of Nestle.

1) Maggie

MaggieWith lot of noodles in market nothing could beat the likes of Maggie and it has managed to retain its charm since its launch. There was some controversy leading to withdrawal of Maggie from market for a while but everyone waited patiently for its return. Maggie is something found everywhere right from our kitchen shelves to the most remote locations making it the top selling Nestle product.

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