12 Richest Dead Celebrities

It’s simple to ascertain that almost all celebrities who are on the “A list” and on the red carpet, usually are virtually off once It involves their finances. After all, they’ve have to be compelled to pay somebody to stay their hair and makeup wanting excellent, and somebody has got to get obtained keeping these stars’ reputations intact. To not mention, most self-made celebrities sleep in elaborate homes, drive fancy cars, and might afford to send their kids to some of the best schools and colleges. This list will give you information on 12 richest dead celebrities who have not only earned fame but a lot of money.

12. Jenni Rivera

Jenni RiveraJenni Rivera the beautiful Latin pop star passed away in plane crash in the year 2012. After the news of her death she has sold almost as many albums when she was alive. She had a huge fan base and her fans have 880,000 records since her death that increased her overall earnings. Her autobiographyUnbreakable: My Storywas sold 400,000 copies since it was released. She is one of the richest artists.

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11. Steve McQueen

Steve McQueenSteven McQueen as we all know that is one of the successful actors, who died 32 years ago. His clothing and acting style is a big inspiration for many. Limited edition Triumph motorcycles were created to honor the great actor. This grand actor was Tag Heuer brand ambassador and stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz starred in their ads. His work earned him fame and$9 million in earnings.

 10. Bettie Page

Bettie PageBettie Page is beautiful and sensual star and well known as the woman who gave pin-up girls their style. This beautiful diva passed away in the year 2008 of a heart attack in age of 85. She was one of the most successful pin-up girl and her low-cut tops and alluring nature fetch a lot of fan base. she still has many fans around the globe that step into a Bettie Page boutique.

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9. Albert Einstein

Albert Einsteinthe great Albert Einstein is one of the most popular celebrity in the history of human kind and when we hear the words “smart” or “intelligent”, the only person comes on our mind is Einstein. Still big companies want to associate Einstein name to make good reputation of the company among customers. The great man is no longer alive but his name fetched $10 million to his estate. His name is still earning a lot of fame.

8. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn MonroeThe beautiful Marilyn Monroe had a tragic end. She was found dead in her bedroomfrom a drug overdoseseveral decades ago. She was one of the successful actresses and her fan still finds her world’s most popular sex symbols. many actresses have tried her look that includes classic red lips and big blonde curls but no one can ever came in closer to her as far beauty is concern. She is another richest dead celebrity.

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7. Bob Marley

Bob MarleyBob Marley is one of the popular musician and most influential icons that died in 1981. Many established and upcoming musician admire his work. Million of albums of Marley have sold, even after his death. “Relaxation drink” called Marley’s Mellow Mood has been added to his estate and the drink is popular among the fans. you must have heard the House of Marley, company that produces audio and lifestyle goods that are eco-friendly which is also making this man rich even after his death.

6. Charles Schulz

Charles SchulzCharles Schulz is very well known comic strip, Peanuts, who passed away at the age of 77. According to a report the Schulz estate is still earning a lot that enough to live a lavish life. Advertisement and licensing deals have earned the Charles Schulz estate $37 million in one year’s time. The animation studio for Fox, blue sky will release the movie peanuts that will add to the estate of this great artist.

5. John Lennon

John LennonJohn Lennon is very well known personality for being a Beatle and also an activist. This great star was killed when he was just 40 in 1980, but his popularity is bringing money for his family. Every album that has John Lennon’s voice is recorded or his lyrics are used have sold 63 million copies since 1992. Not only his family but he also earned fortune of more than $12 million for The Beatles.

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4. Elvis Presley

Elvis PresleyElvis Presley very well known personality around the globe and even he is famous in upcoming generation also. “The Rock n’ Roll’s King”, died in 1977 but his popularity gained with a net worth of about $300 million. This great musician also has a tribute show on his name Viva Elvis, in which his songs were used but it didn’t do much and show was closed later on. But visitors still visit his Graceland, Elvis’ elaborate home.

3. Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson has changed the meaning of pop music and that the reason he is known as the King of Pop. Apparently, he’s the King of Money as well. This great legend was passed away in 2009, but he is still making money, he has earned $160 million, post his death which is an incredible amount any celebrity has earned. Cirque Du Soleil’s most financially successful show that gaining fame for the name of Michael Jackson.

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2. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor is the most successful and glamorous actress who passed away a few years ago at the age of 79. She is on the second position because his state is still earning around $25 million. This legendry actor is earning with a series of auctions that offer prized possessions of her life. The auction alone brought in $184 million; this made her the richest death celebrity.

1. Theodore Geisel

Theodore GeiselTheodore Geisel is one of the top notch personality and always popular as Dr. Seuss. He has huge fan base as he was a beloved children’s book author. The characters from his books are still favorites among kids today. This legendry author passed away when he was 87, in 1991. His books are still earning huge money for his family.

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