Honda Activa-i

Price: Rs. 49,853.

Honda Activa-i is a very popular scooter from the Japanese manufacturer. It’s a two wheeler within the cheaper price segment, with easier riding capabilities and capacity to carry a whole lot of stuff with you. The color scheme and design language would lure the ladies into buying it, however the unisex nature would also make the guys give a thought over buying the Honda Activa-i. The Activa-i is lighter, and more stylish than the predecessor Honda has released earlier, the Honda Activa. There are plenty of cosmetic changes as well as improvements in the specification end, you’ll notice if you do a thorough part by part comparison between the Honda Activa-i and the Honda Activa.

Honda Activa-i

Engine: 110 cc.

Mileage: 66 kmpl.

Power: 8 bhp.

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According to Honda, the Activa-i is unisex. Which we partially agree, there shouldn’t be any thick line of difference in a vehicle’s outlook to define which gender should ride it. However, the fact that the Honda Activa-i has loads of feminine design elements on its body isn’t disagreeable either. However, this wouldn’t be an issue as long as the scooter is able to perform its best and do what it’s intended to do – providing a cheaper and comfortable commutation facility.

The tires in the Activa-i are tubeless. Usually the tired won’t go flat in regular circumstances, and even if it becomes so the repair shouldn’t take very long, shouldn’t be a matter of much hassle either. Tubeless tires have always been proven to be better performers in rough roads, the Honda Activa-i’s tires aren’t much different. There’s a bigger storage space of 18 liters capacity underneath the seat, apart from regular groceries it could even fit a smaller class or office bag, or even the helmet. The rider could keep the helmet inside the storage while they aren’t riding the scooters – it’s a convenience many other scooters don’t offer.

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The seating position is comfortable and upright, both the seats are placed in the same levels. On a scooter this position shouldn’t create an issue, as the riding properties are almost perfectly balanced in the design itself. Honda Activa-i weighs only 103 kg, thanks to the fiber body. The predecessor Honda Activa was 110 kilograms, the Honda Activa-i is certainly a great weight reduction over its predecessor.

There are four color schemes for this scooter – purple, beige, red and white.

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Honda Activa-iNobody would come up with a complaint regarding the spec sheet of the Honda Activa-i, because in comparison to its price the configuration is just right. Engine displacement on Honda Activa-i is 109.19 cc to be precise. Maximum power output is 8 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque figure is 8.74 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The transmission on this scooter is automatic, the gear shifts just when its needed and the rider does not have to do anything about it. Since the Activa-i has been developed for a consumer category who wouldn’t really like shifting gears every now and then, Honda kept the riding procedures simple.

Honda Eco Technology (HET) has been used for the carbon free green footprint Honda always cares about. There’s CVT, usage of this technology is quite uncommon in regular motorbikes. With the 110 cc engine and a curb weight of 103 kg, the fuel efficiency translates into 66 kmpl, which was reported to be above 60 kmpl in real life scenarios. The fuel tank is able to hold 5 liters of fuel.

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Activa-i has drum brakes in both the wheels, combined with Honda’s combi-break technology that ensures safe stopping.


For a scooter within very reasonable price and with fashionable outlooks, Honda Activa-i is one of the best choices to make. The Japanese manufacturer of two wheelers would never really dissatisfy anyone.

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