Honda Dio

Price – Rs. 51,607

Honda Dio is a scooter made by the Japanese manufacturer Honda for the youth crowd in the world. This two wheeler has all the necessary design elements and performance core that the young people might need to meet their needs, and the price is very much pocket friendly at the same time. In terms of category placement, the Honda Dio is placed right below Honda Aviator and right above the Honda Activa. As it appears, the Honda Dio tends to fulfill both the criteria of the stylists and performance enthusiasts – the endeavor from Honda hasn’t failed! Honda Dio has a unique unisex design styling and decent power output while keeping the costs very low – that’s all about the Honda Dio very briefly.

Honda Dio

Engine: 109 cc.

Mileage: 66 kmpl.

Power: 6 bhp.


Speaking of the design, there are plenty of bold elements. Even though it’s told to be a unisex scooter, the design is much suited for the men. Sure the ladies can ride this scooter in style but if stereotyping is to be done, the Honda Dio is a male-friendly scooter. There are different color schemes, starting from funky to more serious tones which makes the Honda Dio more acceptable to a wide range of young people – from college students to young executives. Honda have thought about the needs of different people and came up with these flexible color schemes. Officially the color schemes for the Honda Dio are candy palm green, sports red, jazzy blue metallic etc.

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All the lights are exactly where they are supposed to be. Unlike many other scooters, the headlights aren’t placed on the handle bar of this scooter, rather they are placed on the actual body. The headlight direction won’t change when the handle is moved. Rider will eventually get used to the style but if you are someone who likes the headlight pointed to the direction of the handlebar, then this would be annoying.

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All the lights are in the main body rather than the handle bar, even the turn indicators. All of these bulbs shine very bright and can be seen even in broad daylight without any issue. The mirrors have got sharp edges in the design, brings muscular appeal to this scooter’s appearance.


Honda DioEngine in the Honda Dio is nearly similar to the other Honda counterparts like the Honda Activa or the Honda Aviator. The engine is small by a very fractional amount, it’s 109 cc whereas the other two are 110 cc. Maximum power output the Honda Dio engine can provide is 8 bhp at 7,000 rpm, and the maximum torque figure goes as high as 8.77 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Transmission on the Honda Dio is automatic, and the fuel efficiency has been rated at 66 kmpl. Even in practical day to day use, the actual figure of mileage stays well above 60 kmpl range.

Both the brakes are drum brakes, there’s no disc brake variant for the Honda Dio. However, the brakes are fitted with Honda Combi-Break System. This technology applies both the front and rear brakes when the rear brake pedal is pressed down, this ensures stability when the bike is being forced with stopping power and anti-skid mechanism will protect the rider from major injuries in case of sudden stops.

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The body is built on a rigid under-bone chassis. With all different elements on the body, the curb weight of Honda Dio is 105 kilograms with 6 liters of fuel holding capacity in the tank. The tires are tubeless.

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Being a youth friendly bike, Honda Dio has already earned much popularity over the Indian region. This motorbike is expected to be sold a lot more in the upcoming years.

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