Vespa Scooter

The Vespa scooter price in India lies in the economy range of Rs.67425/-.The price range has no other competitor with the same standards as the Vespa LX125.The Vespa Scooter specifications are one of the prime factors that indicate the value of money and the priority the Vespa scooter has amongst the Indian customers.

Vespa LX 125


The Vespa LX125  has been the success story for Piaggio in the recent times with thousands of scooters sold in India in a very short span of time. The Piaggio Vespa has been incredibly efficient in the maintenance features and stylish looks, ever since there were made available in the Indian Markets. The latest Vespa Scooter comes with improvised features for Handling and performance. The quality and excellence in the exuberance of design on the Vespa scooter are evident from the international standards that have been the key to the company’s success with the scooters in India. Though it is being deemed that Piaggio LX15 is the finest designed scooter in the Indian Market.

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Engine Specifications

Vespa LX125As with the Vespa scooter specifications for the recent years, the scooter has been completely revived on the latest standards of the scooters in the market. There have been significant improvements in the Piaggio Vespa mileage, that has been an added feature in the latest launch of the Vespa scooter. The latest records indicate Piaggio Vespa mileage at consistent rate of 50 kmpl that is pretty impressive for the scooters that fall under the same segment. As per the recent reports, the stylish Italian features of the Vespa Scooter are one of the main aspects that have set distinct standards for the Vespa scooters in the Indian Market. The reports also suggest the handling features and the performance as per the Vespa Scooter specifications in the recent times as the driving for Piaggio in the Indian Market.

Market Assessment

Though the Piaggio has been the lead for the only scooters with an international heritage on the Indian Market, there has been a quite  a tiff in the markets for the existence of Vespa in the top contenders.However, the renewed and international design on the latest of Vespa LX 15 has led a great climb for the performance in the Indian Markets. On an overall, the Vespa LX15 has been a release from Piaggio that was timely and successful. The latest variant is also pretty improved on Handling and fuel economy on a consistent performance thereby making the scooter a preference in the Indian market that is obsessed with mileage and performance.

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Furthermore, there are plans on deriving more variants for Vespa based on the same engine and performance, with a trend based on the Indian conditions. The sleeker design than the earlier variant of Vespa released in the Indian Market has also led the factor that has been decisive for Vespa in the recent trends noticed for the scooters in the segment.


If the reports were to be believed,Piaggio Vespa is the perfection and the only design of scoters in India that promises an international quality and viability in the international arena.

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