Shared Hosting or Dedicated Hosting What is the Most Possible Option

If you are looking for the best web hosting plan it is most difficult task for most of the entrepreneur when you come across many different hosting plans. There are two most notable plans one is shared and the other is dedicated hosting both plans have their own advantages and drawbacks. Hence it is very important for you to learn well before you select a proper package.  There are many popular web hosting companies come up with attracting packages here just host web hosting service providers are one of popular web hosting service providers who can offer many attracting offers. You can get amazing customer care support and many benefits from this provider.

The web hosting companies can either make or break your website with the services they offer to you. So let’s discuss both plans in detail to know the better and right plan for you.

Shared plan

In this type of hosting plan, many websites use a single server and their resources are shared among the websites. Each of the webmaster pay very nominal fee per month for hiring the space on the servers. For those who start online business, blogs and small websites newly this is the great package.


  • This is very affordable and budget friendly
  • Very easy to manage
  • It comes with many attracting features such as the 1-click script installation
  • This plan is very ideal for the startup companies, websites and blogs



  • The resources are shared that is leading to the slower page loading times
  • There is the higher risk of server crashes and it could lead to crashing of all websites in the server
  • It is not scalable always as your site grow
  • Many important features like site security and automatic site backup are not provided.
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Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting package which is completely opposite to the shared type hosting. Here sharing of information among the websites is not allowed and only one web master has a complete control on the entire server, usually customs are made according to the client requirement. There are big treasure of benefits are offered by the dedicated hosting but actually not by the shared hosting, but here the drawback is the rising cost have a look on both benefits and drawbacks of dedicated planning.


  • Dedicated server is for the bandwidth and for the disk space
  • There is no sharing of physical resource
  • There is a unique server IP and not shared with others
  • You have automatic backups and security system
  • This is reliable and highly secured
  • You will get higher search engine rank and fast page loading time
  • Premium customer care support services are provided.


• Very costly with the modest plans which starts from over $99.99 per month

The bottom line for choosing 

If you have a small business, blog or website choose shared web hosting plan however if you experience any issues such as slow site speed, poor performance, complaints from visitors and any other problems you have plenty of time to upgrade from shared to dedicated hosting.

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