Some Facts About Famous People

Needless to say, there are a number of famous individuals in the past years and even up to this modern era. Whatever specific time they became famous, one thing is for sure and this is the fact that they have major contributions in the whole world. The big question is, have you known some popular individuals? Well, here are some facts about famous people that you should take note of:

1. Albert Einstein was offered with a Presidential position in the country of Israel.

Albert EinsteinWho would not know about the famous theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein? If you don’t know him, then you might not have experienced going to school yet. He had great contributions in the field of science, and he managed to explain everything with his famous laws like the law of relativity. However, did you know that he was once offered with a presidential position in the country of Israel? Yes, it was true, but Albert Einstein declined the offer. He said that he cannot handle problems.

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2. Marilyn Monroe’s bra was worth $14,000.

Marilyn Monroe became very famous because of her job as an actress and a model. Almost all of her films were blockbuster hits and she always played the character of a “dumb blonde”. In the year 1959, her movie titled “Someone Like It Hot” was released in the big screens. The thing is, the bra that she wore in this movie was acquired by a certain person for a whopping price of $14,000. Can you believe it? If you were that person, would you mind buying the bra for such a high price?

3. Mao Tse-Tung was once a humble assistant librarian.

In case you don’t know about Mao Tse-Tung, he was actually the founding father of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China. He was also famously known as Mao Zedong, but most of the people in the past called him Chairman Mao. The thing is, before Mao Tse-Tung made a big history in the world, he was still working as an assistant librarian in the University of Peking. What a humble beginning, isn’t it?

4. The Nobel Prize came into existence in order to cover up the not so good reputation of Alfred Nobel.

If you think that Alfred Nobel has that excellent reputation in the past just like how reputable the Nobel Prize now, then you have to think again. A lot of people in the past years considered Nobel Prize as the propagator of violence, as he invented the ever-popular dynamite. Just in case you don’t know, he was a Swedish chemist, armaments manufacturer, innovator, and engineer. Thus, it’s no longer surprising why he had able to invent dynamite. Before he died, for the purpose of covering his bad reputation in the world, he included on his last will and testament that the Nobel Prize should be conducted in an annual basis.

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5. Steve Jobs was a Vegan.

Steve JobsBefore anything else, do you have any idea what is a vegan? If you don’t have, then there is no need to worry. Here is the explanation for this thing. A vegan is a person who is practicing the ever-famous vegan diet. In other words, vegans are vegetarians who prefer not consuming any meat-related products even eggs, honey, and dairy products. One famous vegan was Steve Jobs, who happened to be the founder of the world renowned technology company known as Apple. However, do you know that he turned out to be a vegan just to get rid of the hassles of taking a bath every single day? That’s so ridiculous, right?


These are some facts about famous people that may make you laugh or be inspired. Certainly, famous people are also ordinary people; they are not perfect after all.


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