Some Wonderful Facts About Indian Engineers

In India engineering is one of the toughest academic fields. Though Indian engineers get high wages as per the services yet Indian engineers are highly pranked due to some unique attributes they do have. There are some tragedies which almost make their life highly complicated but Indian engineers are so smart that they get the resolve easily of their problems.

They are Lazy

Indian engineers are highly sluggish. You cannot see an engineer focus on another task generally apart from their own work. Indian engineers love to keep their room messy. They only clean the space from the door to the bed. This is the task highly they can do apart from their job-related works.

Spend Money on Photocopies

Spend Money on PhotocopiesIt is very funny facts about an Indian engineer. During all the four years of study, they spend a vast amount of money to get multiple photocopies of their study materials. The calculation of the money an engineer spends on photocopies is highly surprising.By the the money a new Xerox machine can be brought.

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Maintain No Particular Life-Style

An Indian engineer never maintains a healthy life-style. It is hard to find an Indian engineer who follows a beneficial diet. Their habits get changed since the first year of their engineering colleges. During the college times, they read till the morning when it is urgent. They even can relax for a long while as the examinations get over. An Indian engineer can stay away from food and sleep when harsh work pressures are there. In contrary, he or she can sleep for a long time and enjoy vast foods when there is no work pressure.

Never Have a Steady Relation during Engineering

In multiple social media, many memes can be seen on this topic. If words are to be believed, it says that an engineering student never gets a steady girlfriend during engineering. An Indian engineer never gets the girl of his imagination. The connection never gets strong during the four years of study due to multiple reasons.

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Highly Calculative About the Attendance

During all four years, the main concern of an Indian engineering student is how to get proper attendance rather how to get good marks in the study. An Indian engineering student always calculates the attendance after getting off the bed early in the morning.

Make People Confuse Instead Convince Properly

An Indian engineer thinks a general person can think everything so uniquely as he or she does. An Indian engineer if fail to convince people then they make them confused by discussing any topics completely differently which is highly difficult to understand by the general public.

Never Maintain the Strategy of Study

An Indian student makes a different strategy for their study but never follows it appropriately. Indian engineers only study as the preparation leave they get. An Indian engineering student takes vows to study properly for the next semester. The next semester comes on time but the study is never done on time. So, the usage of the strategy is absolutely blunt.

Not So Trustworthy To the Family

This is the funniest tragedy an Indian engineer faces off. The family members, the neighbors and the relatives never believe that a boy became an engineer until he repairs anything for them. No matter on which field of engineering hepursues. When it comes to an Indian engineer, it is necessary to apply their study experience in practical fields for the people he belongs to.

These are some interesting facts of an Indian engineer. The life of an Indian engineer is completely changed by the high influence of the engineering college. An Indian engineer gets vast success in future life by going through these stunning facts.

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