Watch This Dad Use An Actual Squirrel To Pull His Daughter’s Tooth

Children losing their teeth is one of the most painful and exciting moments in their life. There are various age old techniques to pull out children’s tooth. The age old technique of trying one end of a string to the loose tooth and the other to a door knob while slamming it shut seems to have gotten lost over the last couple of generations.

Squirrel Tooth Pulling

Parents now look for innovative techniques to pull out their children’s tooth. Some parents resort to a real life size helicopter, while others resort to a smaller and humble rocket.

A father from Canada has come up with the most innovative way to extract his daughter’s tooth. He did not use any tools or machines or anyone’s help. He sought the help of a squirrel. While that may sound strange, you will soon find out that it is an extremely hilarious and effective method of tooth extraction.

His concept was very simple. David Freiheit visited the park one fine day with dental floss in one hand and a granola bar in the other hand. David fastened one end of the floss to his daughter’s loose tooth and the other end to a big piece of granola. He set the bait and waited to the squirrel to arrive.

Much to David’s and his daughter’s amusement, not one squirrel but an entire family of squirrels arrived to try and help the girl out of her misery. The squirrels were very confused and scared initially. Once they realized the good deed involved here, one of the squirrels promptly hopped on to the bench where the girl was sitting with her mouth wide open. Within a matter of seconds, our hero grabbed the piece of granola and ran away extracting the daughter’s cleanly.

Source: Viva Frei

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