The 10 Coolest Train Rides In The World

Everyone loves a cool train ride. Sitting around and taking in the view is amazing. What would be even better if the train ride itself would be as cool as the view outside. Train rides are becoming popular because of the ease of commute and no traffic jams. It is also one of the quickest ways to commute. Many train operators are now organizing luxury train tours and provide an opportunity for exploration as well. Here we look at the ten coolest train rides in the world.

1. Rocky Mountaineer – Canada

Rocky Mountaineer - CanadaThis train ride runs across four routes between British Columbia and Alberta. The Rocky Mountaineer is definitely a favorite among train travel enthusiasts. This has also been named the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” multiple times. All the four routes run along the Canadian Mountain range, making it the most scenic route.

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2. Hiram Bingham – Peru

Hiram Bingham - PeruThis luxury liner rides between Cusco and Machu Picchu. The route soars through the Andes range in the Incan outback. It offers exquisite fine dining and one of the most relaxing four-hour trips you will get in the world. The best part of the journey is a live band providing entertainment to the travelers.

3. Eastern & Oriental Express – Thailand to Singapore

Eastern & Oriental Express - Thailand to SingaporeThe Oriental Express has been running through Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand since 2007. The amazing tour starts in Singapore and has stopovers at Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur, and Kanchanaburi before finally arriving in Bangkok. Belmond operates the Oriental Express, which is a world famous name in luxury train travel.

4. Glacier Express – Switzerland

Glacier Express - SwitzerlandThe Glacier Express is known to be the slowest express train ever. The Express runs through the scenic Alps that lie between St. Moritz and Zermatt. The Glacier Express runs through important sites such as the Albula/Bernina world heritage sites.

5. Royal Scotsman – United Kingdom

Royal Scotsman - United KingdomThe Royal Scotsman is a luxury liner offering chartered tours of United Kingdom’s Scottish Highlands. The journey makes various stops at whisky distilleries, castle ruins, and various natural wonders. You also get a view of the amazing lochs and villages in the Highland vistas.

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6. Trans-Siberian – Russia

Trans-Siberian - RussiaThe Trans-Siberian is a collection of various train routes that run through the Siberian hinterland. This route connects Russian Far East with European Russia. It also connects European Russia to the Sea of Japan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea. The line is used for transporting people and goods between the Russian Far East and Moscow.

7. Blue Train – South Africa

Blue Train - South AfricaThe Blue Train is renowned for its two lounge cars, butler service, observation cars, and private carriages. The journey travels between inland and coastal areas of South Africa.

8. The Ghan – Australia

The Ghan - AustraliaThe Ghan is known as the most fascinating trip in the world. The train runs between Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Darwin. Seeing the Australian outback while riding the Ghan is just amazing. The Ghan operates once a week throughout the year, however operates two services a week between June and September.

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9. Grand Canyon – USA

Grand Canyon - USAThe Grand Canyon route captures the old western feeling of the United States. The train runs between Williams depot and Grand Canyon National Park making historic stops on the way. You get to experience the Sonoran mountainous and desert areas along the journey.

10. Maharaja Express – India

Maharaja Express - IndiaThe Maharaja Express is the most luxurious train journey in India. You get to see the Ganges, polo matches played on elephants, the Taj Mahal, and the ancient civilization of India. You can also explore abandoned kingdoms and dinosaur fossil parks on certain tours.

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