The 10 Hottest Russian Women

Russia is one of the countries that right now immerging as powerful country and many beautiful athletes are also from Russia. There are many Russian women who have fan following around the globe. In this list we will provide you 10 hottest Russian women who is famous celebrity all over the world. These beautiful ladies have successful career and became star in their respective career. In this list you will get to know most attractive and sexy celebrity who has great seduction power to woo anyone around. One thing is true to say that Russia have truly given us hot babes.

10. Anna Semenovich

Anna SemenovichBusty Anna Semonovich is a one of the beautiful ex-competitive ice dancer. Does one apprehends what that suggests that? It means the sole varieties of girls that are a lot of versatile than her are skilled gymnasts. This after all suggests that abundant fun within the sleeping room. Provided you ever got that so much along with her, as she firing hot and sensual.

9. Natalia Sokolova

Natalia SokolovaDo not get confused, here we are talking about Natalia Sokolova not 1940s Russian athlete Natalya Sokolova. Natalia Sokolova is one more juicy and sexy female who has graced the hollowed pages of playboy magazine. she is from Moscow and this The 34-year-old  woman was Playboy’s in demand playmate of the Month for April1999 and is, fittingly, very, very popular .

8. Elena Berkova

Elena BerkovaElena Berkova has done porn and that makes her hottest Russian women for sure, the 25-year-old ex-model and actress presently exploiting her varied skills in girl band Min Net and has appeared as a presenter on well-liked Russian program Dom-2. The brunette has apparently left the times of erotica behind her, having been notable back in her skin years because the tastily dubbed Velvet Angel.

7. Lena Katina

 Lena KatinaLena Katina has been within the spotlight since she was a teeanager, singing within the well-liked Russian children’s band Neposedi . Having already been barely dressed by her irresistible her on way for the whole lot of t.A.T.u’s career, a lot of recently she appeared fully naked within the music video for his or her ‘hit’ single ‘White Robe’.

6. YuliaVolkova

YuliaVolkovaYuliaVolkova is Part 2 of ludicrously audacious niche band t.A.T.u. Yulia has been as with modesty dressed for the period of her career as former band-mate Lena River, equally showing in her nakedness for her most up-to-date single. With controversies together with exposing her breast throughout a masturbating scene in a very music video once she was reportedly solely seventeen, she is clearly not afraid to place herself out there. She is presently acting on a fledgling solo career once fallout along with her ‘lesbian lover’ Lena River.

5. Anna Chapman

Anna ChapmanAnna Chapman is blessed with a Russian accent, and red hair. Basically, imagine character is really a hot blonde Russian feminine spy who did a lingerie shoot once being rumbled and later deported for doing cool spy activities in New York. This beauty is already torrential hotness was solely furthered by her confession in June of this year that she was so spying for Russia within the USA. It’s Anna’s fiery attractiveness that has all reaching for the hid weapon.

4. Olga Urashova

Olga UrashovaOlga Urashova is Professional model. This 30 year old model has left her native Russia to live and work in Holland, and has appeared in numerous publications over there together with a cover feature in playboy magazine. She has no significantly attention-grabbing options concerning herself, except after all her large try of fun bags and painstakingly perfect form.

3. Natalia Vodianova

Natalia VodianovaNatalia Vodianova brought up in such a necessitous manner that it feels like one thing out of a Dickens novel. She is catwalk model that you simply apprehend she would not take any shit. Along with her don’t-even-think-about-it stare and experience at hardcore Soviet Street Fighting, she’s the rough woman from Russia who created it massive. She married in 2001 to the arm of a British Viscount whom she married in 2001, creating her a real case of rags-to-riches.

2. Anna Kournikova

Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova is without any doubt is one of the most beautiful ladies from Russia.She is not done very well in tennis court; still she is able to create a lot of buzz for herself. The best part of her tennis career, she has given new dressing sense to the tennis babes which are quite revealing.  She and singing superstar Enrique Inglesias dating each other from last 8 years and in one of the interview she said that they both are very happy together.

1. Maria Sharapova

Maria SharapovaOne more tennis superstar Maria Sharapova deserves to be in the top as she is not only beautiful but also really talented tennis player. She has won major tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and the U.S. and Australian Opens or her 22 WTA titles. Most of the people watch her playing for her mini skirt and the moves she makes in the court. She is without any doubt isreining champion.

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