The 10 Most Expensive Drinks in the World 2016

We have been enjoying drinking since 10,000 B.C. and it has been improved, and made better according to the taste and presentation as well. A lot of people just drink alcohol to get sloshed, a few enjoy them, a few drink in get together with friends, where they are ready to spend more than usual, and a very few, who just drink to maintain the status and class and that is when they believe in splurging, but trust, to splurge on the below mentioned drinks, even the richest will think more than twice to splurge on these drinks. Cheers! Checkout top 10 Most Expensive Drinks in the World.

10. Vieille Bon Secours Ale

Vieille Bon Secours AleThis bottle costs $1200 or 79482 Rupees approximately which makes it 10th most costly drink in our list, and with every purchase you will get a 12 liters of the world’s best beer at your doorstep. This beer is aged for ten years and has an eight percent of alcohol content in it and has a flavor of toffee and anise.

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