The Top 6 Tourism Trends For 2016

Tourism is definitely a multi-billion dollar industry and many countries and local governing bodies are recognizing that potential. A huge amount of money is spent to make places more attractive and safe for visitors. While there are a few favorite spots for tourists, other small towns and places are slowly making their mark. Countries should also be prepared for upcoming travel trends so that they can adapt and arrange travel tours accordingly. Let’s look at the latest tourism trends for 2016.

1. Unplugged Travelers

Tourists are now looking to completely unplug from their everyday lives and just sign-off for their holiday. While many travelers may not be interested in their smart phones or their laptops, a small percentage may still want to connect socially. Many hotels have started advertising ‘lack of WiFi’ as a strong selling point. This provides the perfect escape for travelers looking to undergo a digital detox.

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2. Chinese Tourists


The Chinese market is booming with the latest gadgets and excellent technology. That makes Chinese tourists the most tech-savvy people on Earth. When a Chinese tourist decides his travel destination, he is looking for the best places to stay that enable them to connect socially. Since the Chinese believe in social networking, it is advisable for tourist destinations to make their presence felt on social sites like QZone, Weibo, and Kaixin00.


3. Discovering Unique Places

Everyone wants to see something new and unique in their life. Tourists are tired of the clichéd beach travels and exquisite hotels. They are now looking for lesser-known destinations. One of the biggest advantages of these destinations is lesser crowd and peace of mind. Adventure travel may also kick off in 2016 with many tourists looking to create amazing memories and cross something off their bucket list.

4. Travel Flexibility


Travel FlexibilityThe world is getting smaller. With weekend flights available to every destination in the world, the tourism industry is getting competitive. Employers also offer travel breaks during international business meetings to make it lucrative for top executives to hop onto that flight. Tourism companies need to realize this potential and target corporate conglomerates directly.

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5. Targeting Young Travelers

Young travelers influence the travel industry a lot. Youngsters have a habit of blogging or writing about all their experiences. A bad travel experience may influence many travelers against a particular destination. It is very important to focus on young travelers as they make up almost 20% of the worlds traveling population. Youngsters always look for authentic and adventurous experiences and a chance to learn something new. They also love when companies listen to their views.

6. Local Holidays

Many people prefer traveling to places closer to home as it gives them a feeling of being on a holiday and still does not take away the feeling of being at home. “Staycations” are slowly gathering momentum and local tour operators need to be aware of this potential. They need to come up with holiday solutions that can provide locals with a new insight the place or come up with something innovative like offering discounts to ‘locals only’.

Tourism is definitely a huge industry with tremendous potential. However, if tour operators and local businesses do not keep themselves updated with the latest trends, they will miss huge earning potentials. Staying ahead of the curve is something that everyone should be keen on doing. Preparing in advance for travelers creates an excellent first impression and serves as an excellent basis for positive word of mouth feedback. Tour operators should constantly stay in touch with their local governing bodies and work together to make their business prosper.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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