The World’s Most and Least Peaceful Countries 2016

From 2007 to 2016, over 60 million people in the world have now become refugees. Around 1% of global population has become homeless due to regional conflict or political instability over the last 9 years. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, around 3 million of 60 million are refugees, who escaped Syria, which is the least peaceful country on planet, according to the recent data from the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Peaceful CountriesThe 10th edition of Global Peace Index by the Visions of Humanity which ranked 163 nations to determine the least and most peaceful nations in the world. The Institute of Economics and Peace has conducted the study based on four parameters – safety security, militarization, overall GPI score and existing conflicts. The index mentions that the world is less peaceful these days and the global economy has drastically been affected which caused the loss of over $13.6 trillion.

Despite such factors, there are still some of the most peaceful nations which exist and have historically great levels of peace. Here are the world’s most peaceful countries –

  • Iceland – It is ranked No.1 in the most peaceful countries in the world. The country has earned the top position in the category of “Societal Safety & Security”.
  • Denmark – Denmark is ranked second among the most peaceful nations in the world. Around 3% GDP is spent by Copenhagen for dealing with violence. The country earns 7th position in militarization with the overall score of 1307.
  • Austria – Ranked third of 163 nations in the world, Austria surprisingly scores low on violent activities, internal conflict, political stability and violent crime. This way, Austria ranked No. 3 in this list.
  • New Zealand – It secures No. 4 in the list of most peaceful countries. It is one of t he most peaceful countries in Asia-Pacific ahead of Australia, Japan, and Singapore.
  • Portugal – Ranked 5th in the most peaceful nations in the world, Portugal has the largest improvement in the whole European region. The country was once in 11th position and it has jumped into 5th

Now, it’s time to jump into least peaceful and most violent countries in the world you should stay away from –

  • Syria – It is ranked 163 among 163 nations and it has become the least peaceful nation in the world. It has high rate of conflicts, terrorist activities and state failure. Around 63.18% of population in Syria in 2015 became displaced from their home and refugees. Today, huge population of the country left their own nation. It is the major contributor to the refugee crisis in Europe. The country spends whopping 54% of GDP. It is the highest proportion on the cost of dealing with violence in the world.
  • South Sudan – Ranked 162 in the world, South Sudan is among those countries that have 20% of population known as displaced persons or refugees. The nation spends 35% of GDP on the cost of controlling violence.
  • Afghanistan – The military expenditure of Afghanistan rose from 1.66% to 15.75% of GDP. It is ranked 160 and one of the least peaceful nations in South Asia. It has huge rate of terrorist activity.
  • Iraq – Along with Syria, Iraq is the country that witnesses second highest death rate in the world due to internal conflicts. It is ranked 161 which are also affected by huge economic loss due to violence.
  • Somalia – It is the fifth lease peaceful country and is ranked 159th from 163 countries in the world. Around 20% of population in the country is being displaced.
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