The World’s Top 10 Most Visited Countries

Tourism is important for every economy and with right tourism the world is getting smaller. With air bus and other mean of transportation made the travelling from one country to another easy. People take holiday trip to get some relaxation time from work, all the beautiful places help visitors to relax and rejuvenate there mind and body. If you are spending holiday with your family then you feel refreshed in breath taking scenic beauty. You should visit tourist places which provide you perfect relaxing surrounding and your kids will enjoy the trip. Here we are providing you list of world’s top 10 most visited countries.

10. Malaysia: 25million


Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist places on the earth with 25 million annual visitors. Malaysia is famous for its beauty and it can sometimes compare with beautiful destinations like New York, Paris, and London. When you visit Malaysia, you will get actual feel of Asia because it is located is divided by the South China Sea where you will get to see beautiful jungles and on the other hand western area is mix of  Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. You will get many adventure sports and safari holiday.

9. Russia: 25m

RussiaRussia a beautiful country to spend your holiday, Moscow is one of the large and attractive Russian cities. You will fall in love with this country as it has everything a tourist would enjoy from winter sports, to the beautiful Black Sea coastline, and not to forget St. Petersburg’s domed Orthodox churches. This country is beautiful and very much famous among tourist around the globe for its tourist activities and destinations. More than 25 million of people visit this incredible country every year, which makes it popular tourist destination.

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8. UK: 29m

UKUK as we all know that it is country which known for its beauty and history with more than 29 million visitors every year. London is one of the most famous and loved city of UK. This country is an electrifying, sparkling and ever happening tourist destination. This incredible country is known for art and culture scene, you will love the shopping places here. You will get spell bound with its striking public spaces, museums, unique wildlife, heritage sites, and not to forget the famous Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament.

7. Germany: 30m

GermanyIf you are planning your holiday to Germany then you will have many famous tourist attraction there, you need to make a list and plan your visit accordingly. Are you a wild life lover then Bavaria’s sunny beer gardens is best destination for you. You will get enchant with its liveliness as it has Berlin’s infamous night-life waiting for you. If Germany is in your plan then do consider visiting the Berlin Wall where you will witness the huge demonstrations of the Peaceful Revolution. More than 30 millions of people visit this incredible country every year.

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6. Turkey: 35m

TurkeyTurkey is a great place for holiday as it has many attractions waiting for you. If you have limited budget then it is one of the appropriate place for you. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy incredible holiday destination at the same time, so plan your visit today. Being a tourist you will love to shop for family and Grand Bazaar is right place for you. Here you can purchase handmade knick-knacks, clothing, souvenirs, fruits and veggies, and more. Blue Mosque and Cistern attracts many visitors so do visit these places.

5. Italy: 46m

ItalyIf you considered yourself as art lover then Both Venice and Rome were essential stops on this tour. Italy should be in the list that attracts more than 46 million tourists every year. If you have sense of art then you will witness all of Europe’s greatest sights. You will get mesmerized with the masterpieces of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Most of the tourist attraction I Italy today considered as world Heritage Sites. Tourism sector is most profitable sector where more than 46 millions of people visit this incredible country every year.

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4. Spain: 57m

SpainSpain is one of the famous tourist destinations. Madrid and Barcelona is popular cities among tourist as it is blessed with many attractive tourist destinations. You will love the great climate and beautiful scenery and your trip will be enjoyable. When you enter Spain, you will get to see 43 World Heritage Sites and most famous activity that you must consider while spending time on Spain is of course the running of the bulls. UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves, Spain at No.3. More than 57 million people visit this incredible country every year.

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3. China: 57m

ChinaWhen you plan trip to China make sure that you check out all the important destinations. There are certain things that you must understand before heading to visit china like never eat food with the wrong end of a pair of chopsticks. You must drink your drink without calling for toast. When you visit china then only you can realize the beauty of this city and you will love the food offers here.  More than 57 million people visit this incredible country every year.

2. US: 67m

USAre you planning your holiday to US? Then check the entire important destination before taking your trip as prior preparation will save some of your time and you will get more time to spend on important tourist destination. The most famous and important tourist attractions are Empire State, the Grand Canyon, and the White House. When you are in US then do pay a visit Iowa’s Albert, the world’s largest bull that look huge with 30 feet tall and weighs in at 45 tons. More than 67 million people visit this incredible country every year.

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1. France: 83m

FranceYou can view all the beautiful places and can also set your camera to get pictures of landscape. France is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations where you can enjoy evening’s city’s night lights and at the evening the country looks amazing with all the lights and sparks. More than 83 million people visit this incredible country every year.

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