Thing That Are To Be Avoided During the Pregnancy Months

Pregnancy is that time in a women’s life when she needs to be extra careful with everything that is supposed to be harmful to her health and also that of her baby. It starts with the diet that one takes to the activities that one is supposed to do during her day to day life. These all have some sort of an effect on the growth of her baby. There are certain important things that a mother is supposed to follow anytime and every time. There are also certain things that are to be better avoided during the months of pregnancy.

During the Pregnancy

Things to avoid During the Pregnancy Months

1. The most important thing to avoid during the crucial months of pregnancy is that of the consumption of alcohol. There are absolutely no guidelines that will dictate as to how much a person should intake alcohol or whether she should take alcohol at all. It is absolutely harmful and is must avoidable thing from the list. There have been studies that suggests that if a mother consumes too much of alcohol during these months she may give birth to really a poorly grown child or that may also lead to mental retarded.

2. There is a strict instruction as to not take any sort of drugs that will cause harm not only to the baby but also the mother as well. It may also result in the lowering weight during birth and many more of such sorts of serious complications. This may affect the mother after the delivery as well.

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3. Another very harmful thing that might cause serious damage to the baby and the mother includes that of smoking. It may also lead to a very premature sort of delivery and that of membrane ruptures. It resists the power to inhale oxygen for the baby thus making it really difficult to breathe. It may also lead to a very early puberty that can be especially seen with the boys.

4. If the pregnant ladies are taking a lot of hot baths or in that case steam during their pregnancy, it many often results in the overheated uterus and can also lead to the death of the fetal. There is also a high risk of defects in the neural tube of the baby.

5. If a mother tends to do a lot of hard exercises, then it may affect her pregnancy and may lead to a very high and fast heart rate. This may also lead to brain damage in some cases. Thus, it is said to do certain light exercises that include

6. It is not advisable for a mother to take excessive stress and tension especially in her last few months of pregnancy. It may cause harm in the relationships as well as affect the mental development in the case of the baby.

7. The mother is supposed to take a very balanced diet, and an unbalanced one might lead to harm to the mother’s health.

Thus, it is said that a pregnant lady should take the maximum care of herself as well as to her baby by following these following steps. There is also a need for others to take care of them in this crucial period of time.

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