To find the wedding destination this couple rather find a way to paradise

When people dream about wedding, they have many beautiful thoughts in mind. Everyone has different desires as far as marriage is concern. Few people desire to marry in a particular place and want to capture the memories of that moment, and then there are people who want to look so beautiful that even the gods themselves also seem to admire the beauty. Like every common man Jeremy and Rachelle had problems in front of them before marriage.  Money was a major issue yet they wanted to make their wedding a memorable event a so they decided to get married in Iceland.


And finally one day without any floor plan, they headed to Iceland to find their wedding destination.  They got a beautiful scene in the way, which they did not expect. Today we are showing beautiful pictures that they captured during their journey. After seeing the pictures you will also say that you’ll also say that wedding destination should be like it.

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When Jeremy and Rachelle was think of marriage, the cost of the wedding were giving them a lot of stress


They thought why not we get marry in Iceland


Without a plan, the couple set out on a tour of weeks to observed many places of the Iceland


Among themany beautifulsights that included from waterfall to the glaciers


These ideas will take them to such a paradise of marriage, they never expected.


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During this stage they also got to see an ancient church


During the volcano eruption t was the only thing that survived


Wave of lava from volcano’s mouth was still coming out


Jeremy and Rachelle finally found that place for which they had gone in search


They were looking for a place to get married where nature become witness of their marriage



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