Top 10 Best Air Conditioners with Low Power Consumption with Price

Summer is always in full swing in India and heat waves make it worse. There are several places in India having high humidity levels because of rains. So, it is vital to install an air conditioner in India, whether you want to make room comfortable or to cool your house. Today, the best air conditioners come with 5 Star rating to ensure low power consumption. Here are the top 10 air conditioners with low power consumption.

Whirlpool Magicool Platinum (Rs. 25400)

Whirlpool Magicool PlatinumIt is yet another window AC which is highly recommended with 5 Star rating. Along with 1 ton capacity and 1075 watt of power input, it can provide cooling of up to 3600 watts. Whirlpool also provides 16-Step temperature control so you no longer need to live without enough of settings. It has rotary compressor, sleep mode and auto restart.

Hitachi RAW511 KUD Kaze Plus (Rs. 26581)

Hitachi RAW511 KUD Kaze PlusGenerally, split ACs are superior to window air conditioners. But you can still find some of the great devices in window ACs. This 1 Ton window air conditioner comes with 5 Star rating for low power consumption. It needs 1030W of power input and uses rotary compressor. Some other features are auto cleaning, anti-bacteria filter, auto restart and wireless LCD remote control. It has 3500W of cooling capacity.

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Whirlpool 3D Cool Platinum V (Rs. 32064)

Whirlpool 3D Cool Platinum VIt is loaded with a lot of amazing and exciting features, including 35db of noise level, 1.2 ton capacity and LCD remote control. It has power input and rotary compressor of 1122W with 4050W of cooling capacity. It is really worth a while with sleep mode, auto restart, 5 Star energy saving and 16 Deg. C of minimum temperature setting.

Godrej Star GSC12 FG 6 BNG (Rs. 39350)

Godrej Star GSC12 FG 6 BNGGodrej is well known for offering world-class home appliances. This 1 Ton, 5 Star split AC comes with rotary compressor and it has LED display. It just needs 912W of power input and delivers 3375W of cooling capacity. It has features like auto restart and auto cleaning with anti-bacterial fiber. According to your usage, noise levels vary.

Hitachi RAU5171SD (Rs. 43223)

Hitachi RAU5171SDThis 1.5 Ton AC comes with 5150W of cooling capacity and 5 Star rating. It is a best split AC for large spaces. It needs 1490W of total power input. It features auto humidity control, digital temperature control and Logi Clean technology. It has just 36db of noise levels and it comes with popup anti-bacterial filter.

Hitachi Ace FMS R410A-RAU514EUDA (Rs. 40976)

Hitachi Ace FMS R410A-RAU514EUDAIt comes with 4050W of cooling capacity and it needs only 1065W of total power input. It has rotary compressor and 5 star rating. It has the capacity of 1.2 Ton. At 38db, the noise levels are quite decent. It has temperature settings ranging from 16 Deg. C to 32 Deg. C. This way, you can get the most of auto climate technology and defrosting sensor.

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LG L-Bliss Plus LWA3BP5F (Rs. 27893)

LG L-Bliss Plus LWA3BP5FIt is a window AC which is offering 3775W of cooling capacity and 5 star rating. It has rotary compressor requiring 1125W of power input. It has anti-bacteria filter to clean up the air. It provides powerful cooling with energy efficiency.

Hitachi RAU518EUDA ACE Follow Me (Rs. 44160)

Hitachi RAU518EUDA ACE Follow MeThis 1.5 Ton split air conditioner comes with 5700W of cooling capacity and 1500W power input. It has rotary compressor and LCD remote with features like defrosting sensor, auto restart, humidity control and digi-lock. With its Follow ME feature, it monitors your movements and passes air to that direction automatically.

Hitachi i-Clean (Rs. 43250)

Hitachi i-CleanThis 1.5 Ton AC provides humidification with auto restart, anti-bacteria filter, auto cleaning and rotary compressor.

LG LWA3GP5F (Rs. 30349)

LG LWA3GP5FIt comes with 5 star rating along with rotary compressor and anti-bacteria filter. You can rest assured with remote control and auto reset.

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