Top 10 Best Air Cooler Brands in India

India is an economy where a huge population belongs to middle class income group. Most of the families are unable to afford an air conditioner and its maintenance. So, they choose air coolers to beat the summer heat and to keep their home cool without paying high electricity bills. Air coolers are found better than air conditioners when it comes to health. A lot of popular brands are offering air coolers in the market that are known for their quality, performance and price.

10. Ram Coolers

Ram CoolersRam Coolers is among the most popular air cooler brands in the country. It offers high quality and durable products with models suited for both industrial and domestic use. The coolers use world-class electrical parts and made of galvanized steel. The coolers are ranging from Rs. 4180.

9. McCoy

McCoyIt is a leading kitchen and home appliances brand that supplies superior and rust proof cooling. The coolers from McCoy can easily compete with AC cooling. These air coolers are loaded with amazing features and price ranging from Rs. 5890.

8. Maharaja Whiteline

Maharaja WhitelineIt is yet another popular brand makes its way to become one of the best brands in the market. It is offering power saving, great performance and high style models. The brand is known to provide quality products at best prices starting from Rs. 5799.

7. Mitsoni

MitsoniIt is another amazing air cooler brand which uses world-class technology known for best cooling features. It is known for performance and durability. The price range is starting from Rs. 5315.

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6. Khaitan

KhaitanKhaitan is another popular air cooler brand in the country. It is one of the most reputed and oldest brands in the market. It is offering 7 models in air coolers with low sound, powerful performance, easy mobility, quick cooling and sturdy build. The price is ranging from Rs. 6295.

5. Usha

UshaIt is one of the oldest Indian air cooler brands. It is offering a huge range of air coolers with a lot of amazing features and in various ranges. These air coolers are offering durability and quality. The price range is starting from Rs. 10000.

4. Kenstar

KenstarIf you are looking for both quality and variety in air coolers, Kenstar might be the best choice for air coolers. It is offering a lot of great features, such as innovative cooling, non corrosive body, and durability, along with affordable prices. The cooler models are ranging from Rs. 5444.

3. Crompton Greaves

Crompton GreavesIt is an Indian brand offering world-class air coolers and it is accepted widely for its aesthetic looks and brilliant features. Longer and faster cooling, futuristic design, high quality and high gloss body are some of the amazing features of this brand. The price range is starting from Rs. 6677.

2. Symphony

SymphonyWhen it comes to most popular air cooler brands in India, Symphony certainly takes pride. Variety is a huge plus of this brand and it is known to cater to both industrial and domestic needs and it is offering eco-friendly products as well. The price is ranging from Rs. 5791.

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1. Bajaj

BajajBajaj is the leading brand which tops the list of top 10 air cooler brand. It is offering stylish designs in tall, compact and tower models and all come at very affordable range with amazing features. The price range is starting from Rs. 4888.

With having large range of air coolers available there are several options available for Indian buyers. You can easily make a smart choice when it comes to performance, good looks and affordable prices.

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