Top 10 Best Air Purifiers with Price in India

Taking fresh air is not even possible at home these days. The fumes from various sources like vehicles release toxic particles in the closest air. Along with it, people also use most of these things at your home that produce a lot of pollution. The air in your house gets polluted. This way, you have to install air purifier at your home to take clean and fresh breath every second.

10. Eureka Forbes Portable Air Purifier (Rs. 1050)

Eureka Forbes Portable Air PurifierThis room air purifier from Eureka Forbes features LED bulb. It has up to 75-100 sq. ft. of air filtration capacity. The air purifier looks literally modern. LED bulb has up to 10000 hours of life. LED bulb delivers the output of 430 Lumens. You can buy it at just Rs. 1050 from any shopping site.

9. Hygia HYG001 Air Sterilizer Air Purifier (Rs. 1500)

Hygia HYG001 Air Sterilizer Air PurifierIt is another best air purifier for low budget. Priced at just Rs. 1500, it has a lot of decent features, such as timer to automatically shut down after a fixed period, LED display for some info, and refill that lasts up to 6 months.

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8. Oster OAP706 40W Air Purifier (Rs. 4400)

Oster OAP706 40W Air PurifierThe air purifier comes in cylindrical shape which adds sleek and modern look. This air purifier is a bit expensive as it can remove dust, pollen, pet dander and other impurities from air, covering up to 165 sq. ft. of area. The air purifier is available with extended warranty for 2 years. There are three fan speed modes to choose from.

7. Kent Ozone TY-500 Wall Mountable Purifier (Rs. 5195)

Kent Ozone TY-500 Wall Mountable PurifierIt can definitely match up to your air purification needs in larger space. It delivers air flow up to 2.8 km per hour. You can also buy TY-100B desktop model if you don’t like wall-mountable version. It also comes with remote for wireless operations. It doesn’t affect environment as it produces ozone.

6. Airvita Global Q Portable Rock Air Purifier (Rs. 6000)

Airvita Global Q Portable Rock Air PurifierPriced at Rs. 6000, Airvita Global Q Portable Rock is a very convenient air purifier. It has very low running cost as you don’t have to change filters every time. Filter is also easy to clean as it needs just water to wash it. The unit releases fresh air with the speed of 1 km per hour.  One can use this unit for fresh air to cover up to 600 sq. ft. of area. It comes with 2-speed settings and 1 year warranty.

5. Philips (AC40025/10) Air Purifier (Rs. 13000)

Philips (AC40025/10) Air PurifierIt is very stylish and unique air purifier. It features up to 99% of filtration rate and can avoid bacteria and various particles from air, covering up to 320 sq. ft. of area. It has 2 years of extended warranty. It comes pre-installed with active carbon filter.

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4. Philips (AC4012/10) Air Purifier (Rs. 14500)

Philips (AC4012/10) Air PurifierIt has some of the amazing features with integrated timer with which users can set time limit. Some other features air quality indicator, VitaShield Purification, sleep mode, health level protection alert and eco-passport. It features 160 metric cubes per hour of delivery rate.

3. Philips 3000 Series (AC3256) AreaSense Air Purifier (Rs. 25000)

Philips 3000 Series (AC3256) AreaSense Air PurifierThis model comes with loads of amazing features, such as AL mode, air quality level display, Sleep Mode etc. It covers up to 800 sq. m. of area with 367 meters cube/hr. of CADR gradation.

2. Honeywell Air Touch (HAC35M15101W) (Rs. 25000)

Honeywell Air TouchIt has multi-level air purification system that can remove up to 99% of microscopic allergens and particulate matter 2.5. It features touch panel to change settings. It also comes with sleep mode.

1. Philips (AC4372/10) (Rs. 38000)

Philips (AC4372/10)It is the best air purifier in this list, with silent mode, 4-step light indicator, auto light sensors, and 6-fan speed settings. It consumes 63W of power and is loaded with features like Turbo mode. It can also remove toxic externalities of 0.02 microns.

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