Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India 2016

10 Best Beer Brands for Drink India 2016

India is a big market for the beer. There are wide ranges of consumers available in India. India is a big market for the beer and the best part is that you have different varieties. There are ranges of beer brands available in India and these are known for utter quality and class. There are many brands and only few can be termed as the best. Here are the top 10 best beer brands in India in 2016.

10. Kings

KingsKing is an Indian brand that has special appeal in it.  The king is Goa based brand but not be confused with the Kingfisher.  This is a brand that has managed to win many hearts.  This is however regarded as smooth beer that has good aroma and equally famous flavour.

9. Corona

CoronaThis is a Mexican brand that is known for delicious taste and wonderful flavour. The Corona is one of the best beer brands that have equal popularity in the world as well. This brand is available in almost 170 countries including India.

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8. Foster Lager

Foster LagerThis is very famous beer brand that is known for high quality and superior taste. However, this is known for the distinct taste from Australia. This is a famous brand that is very popular and the best part is the cost of the beer.

7. Kalyani Black Label

Kalyani Black LabelThis is a local flavor of India and is one of the best in the market. It has great market in the Eastern region of India. This is an affordable beer brand that gives you awesome taste and flavor.

6. Carlsberg

CarlsbergThis is one of the old and favourite beer brands in the world and extremely popular in India. The beer brand is available since 1846 and is still one of the favorites for the consumers. You can easily find this in India. Unlike other brands, this is popular in the entire country and is known for the affordable price rate as well.

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5. Budweiser

BudweiserThis is one of the most popular beer brands among top 10 beer brands in India. The origin of the beer goes back to 1876 and is manufactured by Brazilian Belgian Company Anheuser Busch InBev. The beer is known for incredible taste and aroma. The basic ingredients if the beer is rice and barley malt. This brand is popular in all the parts of India and is extremely popular. This is also an affordable brand.

4. Heineken

HeinekenThis is a Dutch brand but very popular in India. It is manufactured by Heineken International and is known for mild taste. The brand has only 5% alcohol and is considered as one of the brands that has perfect aroma. The basic ingredients of the beer are hops, barley malt, pure water and yeast. This beer is available for reasonable rates in Indian market.

3. Haywards

HaywardsThis is a strong beer brand and is very popular throughout India. There are many variants of the beer brand and Haywards 5000, Haywards 1000, Haywards 2000 and Haywards Black are the most popular in India. This beer is manufactured by the International company SAB Miller.

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2. Royal Challenge

Royal ChallengeThis is one of the best brands in India and is known for the excellent brewing and taste. It is popularly called as RC and gets stronger brewing taste. This is an affordable beer and is hugely popular in the states like Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.

1. Kingfisher

KingfisherEven though, there are many beer brands but Kingfisher is still the undisputed king of the market. Many of the consumers understand Kingfisher as the other name of beer. There is hardly anything better than Kingfisher with plenty of malts and wide range of varieties. The popular variants of the beer are Kingfisher Superstring, Kingfisher Premium and others.

There are many beer brands available across India but the top 10 beer brands rule the heart of the Indians in all possible manners.

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