Top 10 Best Biscuit Making Brands In India

Biscuit is one of the most common snacks, consumed with tea across the world by all age groups. If you want to have some leisure time, start your day, or on a long journey, biscuit is known to be a true partner to give you quick energy charge for a while.

With up to 70% of bakery industry producing cookies and biscuits, India is the leading biscuit manufacturer in the world. The cookies and biscuit industry in India is worth whopping Rs. 14500 Cr, which is estimated to cross Rs. 27000 Cr by 2019. India comprises a huge biscuit and cookies market to attract several international manufacturers to enter the world’s biggest biscuit making economy. Let’s check out the list of top 10 biscuit brands that have been trusted for years in India.

1. Parle

ParleOnce a king always a king! As always, Parle is the undisputed leader in biscuit making since 1929. Parle Products Limited is offering quality and delicious products.  Out of other snacks, Parle G is the king of all biscuits. It has always been the No. 1 choice of all adults and children. It’s been 70 years this healthy snack is accommodating the taste buds of millions of citizens in India. The taste, quality, and of course, lowest price are the USPs of Parle G. It comes in different sizes, ranging from Rs. 2 to Rs. 50. Parle enjoys strong sales network in both rural and urban areas, and offering some of the bestselling biscuits, including Monaco, Hide & Seek, Milk Shakti, and Krack Jack.

2. Britannia

BritanniaFounded in 1892, Britannia is proud to have Golden Peacock National Quality Award, proving its excellence in Indian biscuit market. Good Day is the bestselling product enjoying lion’s share in the market and generating around 27% of revenue for the company. Some other bestselling products are Little Hearts, 50-50, Tiger, Bourbon, and Nutri Choice.

3. Sunfeast

SunfeastEstablished in 2003 by ITC, Sunfeast has managed to become the leading player within such a short span of time. Some of its bestselling products are Marie Light, Bounce, Dream Cream, and Delishus.


McVITIESIt is a leading biscuit brand owned by a British food company, United Biscuits. It is known for producing healthy biscuits, including Hobnobs Oat Cookies, Digestive and Whole Wheat Marie.

5. Dukes

DukesWhether outing or tea time, Dukes have always been the first choice for every event. It is offering whole range of biscuits, including cream biscuits and cookies, such as Choco Desire, Cream 4 Fun Orange, Mojo Vanilla, Mojo Chocolate, Coco Delight and Kaju Delight.

6. Patanjali

PatanjaliIt is the next leading name in top biscuit brands. It is the recent arrival but it has captured the whole market in India within just a year. Some of the popular variants are Aarogya, Namkeen, Nariyal, Marie, Orange Delite and Nutty Delite. All of these biscuits avoid cholesterol and Trans fat, and used only wheat flour. Hence, Patanjali biscuits are not just delicious, but also safe and healthy.

7. Priyagold

PriyagoldSince October 1993, Priya Gold Biscuits have been leading the market and distributed and manufactured by Surya Food & Agro Limited, established in 1992. It is offering widest range of biscuits under PriyaGold brand name. The company has launched three manufacturing units in Surat, Greater Noida and Lucknow. With slogan “Priya Gold, Haq Se Maango!”, the brand is selling cookies, biscuits, confectionaries, chocolates, cakes and beverages.

8. Horlicks

HorlicksFounded by William and James, the British brothers, in 1893, Horlicks has long back history as a leading brand, engaged in manufacturing biscuits, health drinks, oats and various healthy products. It is a reliable and trusted brand and widely used by children all over the world. It has been known for various products containing vitamins and minerals. The products from this brand don’t have artificial colorings,  preservatives, sweeteners and flavors.

9. Anmol

AnmolHeadquartered in Kolkata and founded in 1994, Anmol has up to 3000 distribution channels and 600,000 retail outlets in India. It assures nutrition, taste, and hygienic standards.


UNIBICIt is a flagship player in food industry. Despite novice presence, the brand has quickly captured the industry by producing 30 types of biscuits and cookies, rich in taste, nutritional value and quality.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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