Top 10 Best Deodorants Brands for Men in India

In today’s date and age, men really know the importance of personal grooming and they know why it is important to look good and smell good. This is the reason that deodorants are enjoying great demand in the market in humid and hot India. There are some of the popular brands in India offering extensive range of deodorants best suited for your skin along with India’s climatic conditions.

10. Axe

AXESince 1999, Axe has always been the first choice for men’s grooming in Indian market and it enjoys a great market share since inception. It is offering huge range of men’s deodorants with best products, including Dark Temptation, Denim, Apollo, Marine and Dimension.

9. Park Avenue

Park AvenueIt is a leading brand from Raymond and one of the hottest favorite deodorant brands for men in the country. It is offering extensive range of deodorants for Indian men to ensure fragrance and freshness whole day long. Some of the deodorant ranges include Imagine, Cool Blue, Storm and Voyage.

8. Fogg

FoggIt is one of the most loved men’s deo brands in the country. Fogg claims to go no-gas and all spray. It is offering great range of masculine fragrances like Fresh Spicy, Fresh Aqua, Royal Fragrance, Fresh Aromatic and Napoleon Fragrance.

7. Old Spice

Old SpiceThis brand is known to offer exclusive range of men’s grooming products in India. Its products are best suited for Indian skin and skin conditions. You can get long-lasting fragrance in its deo range, such as Musk, Original, Sport, Whitewater and Fresh Lime.

6. Yardley

YardleyIt is among the oldest fragrance brands in the world and its history dates back to the year 1770. It is offering exclusive range of deo for men and all of them are known to provide odor protection and fragrance all day long. Some of the deos for men from this brand are Race, Arthur, Gold, Adventure and Elegance.

5. Reebok

ReebokIt is the best suited deodorant brand for men’s skin and those who love to stay active along the day and smell nice all day long. Some of the bestselling variants of Reebok deos are Reecharge, Reeplay, Reehypnotize and Reemystify.

4. Garnier

GarnierGarnier is among the bestselling cosmetic brands in India offering extensive range of grooming and personal care products, along with deodorants for men. It is offering quality products with unique fragrances like Anti Sweat Extreme, Anti Sweat Absolutely Dry and Extreme Cool.

3. Nike

NikeNike is a well-known sports brand which is offering effective deos for active men and women. It keeps you fragrant and fresh all day long. It comes in different variants like Magnetic Blue, Cool, On Fire, Paranoia, and Wood Blast and protects you against sweat and odor.

2. Adidas

AdidasAdidas is another popular sports brand and top runner in the fragrance market for men in India. It caters to all Indian men’s needs who perform regular workout and sports activities and who sweat a lot. Some of the popular variants are Get Ready, Sport Field, Team Force, Intensive and Victory League.

1. Nivea

NiveaNivea is yet another popular brand featured next on the top 10 list of best men’s deos in India. It caters to the needs of Indian youth who wants no sweat and lasting fragrance. It is offering huge range of deodorants, including Nivea Sport, Nivea Active, Nivea Roll On and others.

So, if you want to smell better and look great all day long, these are some of the most popular deodorant brands you can choose from. These deo brands offer fragrances formulated according to Indian skin.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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