Top 10 Best Diapers For Baby Boy & Girl in India

Motherhood comes with a lot of challenges in daily life and a lot of difficult decisions have to be made. One of the major difficulties is choosing the best diaper for your baby. If you have children, you will surely get to know how important it is to pick the best diaper.

These days, disposable diapers have become the most important accessory for your baby. The hygiene and usability made these diapers a vital part of baby care. Unlike cloth diapers, they are only for one time use. So, there is no hassle to clean it over and over again. With so many brands out there, there is no hassle to choose them. Here are the best diapers to choose from.

1. Huggies (Rs. 240 to Rs. 250 for Pack of 24 diapers)

HuggiesManufactured by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Huggies is offering the best diapers for newborn babies for up to 2 years. Huggies are one of the best brands for diapers in India for infant as it is very comfortable and gives complete dryness to your newborn. Its new born baby diaper is the best choice for babies up to 4 kg as it helps prevent rashes and keep her skin smoother and softer.

2. Mamy Poko (Ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 700)

Mamy PokoMamy Poko is known to offer pant style diapers. As the name suggests, these diapers are made in pant style which are very easy and convenient to wear and remove. The diaper helps her to move freely and it can soak around 5 glasses of liquid and avoids leakage completely all night and keeps your baby fresh and dry. The diaper is made of breathable material to provide complete air flow.

3. Pampers (Ranging from Rs. 205 to Rs. 235 for up to 20 diapers)

Pampers haPamperss become the friendly brand for a lot of newborn babies and held the legacy for 50 years. The latest addition is its Pampers Active Baby Pants to help your baby move freely without any itchiness and keeps her body dry. This active baby pant avoids rashes and keeps your loved ones fresh and clean. It has hypoallergenic lotion and Aloe Vera extracts to protect her skin.

4. Johnson & Johnson (Starting from Rs. 60 to Rs. 120)

Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson is probably India’s first brand to introduce disposable diaper rather than cloth diaper. Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads are designed to remove and absorb water level faster and keep them fresh and dry. It helps remove skin issues like itchiness, redness, rashes and dryness well. The size is flexible enough to fit all babies and keep them happy.

5. Wipro Baby Soft (Starting at Rs. 330)

Wipro Baby SoftWipro Baby Soft Cloth Feel Diapers are designed to be very comfortable and to avoid all skin problems like roughness, irritation, and rashes. It consists of anti-bacterial absorbent which can absorb all liquid and keeps surface clean and dry. The inner layout includes soft cotton and is skin friendly and gentle to her sensitive skin. It is best suited for babies weighing 5 to 11 kg.

6. Godrej Snuggy Baby (Starting at Rs. 100)

Godrej Snuggy BabyIt is very convenient and best diaper for all the babies as it has absorbent which soaks the fluid quickly and keeps your baby’s skin fresh and dry. Diapers are ultra thin and they feel very comfortable when it is put to use.  The price range is starting from Rs. 100 to Rs. 275 according to your needs and number of diapers.

7. Xtra Care Dry Plus (Rs. 380 to Rs. 450)

Xtra Care Dry PlusThe diaper absorbs water very quickly and keeps her skin comfortable and dry. It is helpful to prevent and safeguard side leaking of liquid. The outer layer is very soft and comfortable to avoid rashes.

8. Happy Diapers Bella Baby (Rs. 380 to Rs. 426)

Happy Diapers Bella BabyIt is made of best quality, soft cotton which is very gentle to delicate skin of the baby. The diaper can easily absorb the wetness and keeps diaper dry for long time and keeps her cheerful and happy.

9. Pigeon Baby Nappy (Rs. 189 to Rs. 380)

Pigeon Baby NappyThis diaper can easily be worn by the baby all day long without any diaper rashes. It has small and medium sized diapers and is best suited for both baby boys and baby girls.

10. Zogo Dry (Rs. 250 to Rs. 340)

Zogo DryIt provides better coverage and leakage protection from the sides. It has improved absorbency to lock the wetness.

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