Top 10 Best Formal Shoes Brands in India

When it comes to choose the ideal pair of formal shows, material, color and shape matter the most and design should match the outfit. Not doing so can literally mess things up. All you need to know what goes well together which is more of art than science. Customers can usually find the best pair for a couple of outfits with little bit of background details. Some of the popular brands for formal shoes are Gucci, Oxford, Loafers, Monks etc. that are cozy to wear and aesthetic in looks.

1. Allen Edmond Park Avenue Oxford

Allen Edmond Park Avenue OxfordIt is a beautiful classic Oxford formal shoes brand which is best choice for ceremonial event or office attire. Also called as Balmorals, Oxfords are known to be the standard choice for a lot of dressy occasions and looking forward from Oxford and it is always a step ahead in looks, formal appearance and straightforwardness. It is a formal shoe brand made traditionally with leather but the brand has incorporated synthetic or suede materials. With non-rubber and closed lacing sole, they have always been low instep.

2. Gucci Leather Lace-up Shoes

Gucci Leather Lace-up ShoesIt is the world’s largest outfit maker and lace-up shoes brand. When someone reviews the shoes brand, it’s no surprise that leather lace-up shoes are popular and these shoes need shoe string to tie and they may add anything from wingtips to Oxfords and casual shoes. Gucci prefers to list the types of shoe according to material, color etc. It brings some great color combinations and patterns to break up the tradition of regular brown and black.

3. Ferragamo Men’s Oxfords

Ferragamo Men’s OxfordsThis brand is always on demand because of sale, both on physical stores and online. The Italian brand is the leader in shoemaking and Oxfords are their joy and pride. They constantly top the charts of dress shoes and hold a position of a dress shoe that every man loves.

4. Ferragamo Men’s Wingtips

Ferragamo Men’s WingtipsAnother shoe brand that can give tough competition to Ferragamo Oxford is none other than Ferragamo Wingtips. It stands out with best looks, top quality, great feel and comfort and precision. Every step, it is almost similar to Oxfords but has a unique wavy pattern over the toe cap.

5. Mezlan Single or Double Monk Shoes

Mezlan Single or Double Monk ShoesMezlan is the luxurious and dazzling dress shoes it comes in double and single monk strap designs. It comes in really versatile pair in comfort and looks. The monk shoe doesn’t have lacing and uses a strap and buckle to fit the shoe over the foot.

6. Allen Edmond New Orleans

Allen Edmond New OrleansHere comes the another durable and relaxing dress shoe brand which is exclusively designed and crafted with color tones that can really give great looks to the wearer. It receives great recognition for their brand. It earns great recognition in the past and gives the feel of southern summer pride.

7. Ferragamo Derby Shoes

Ferragamo Derby ShoesIt is on demand, highly comfortable and exotic because of its flexible design and vibrant colors. They are more on casual side of dressing shoes and they are also known as Gibson or Blucher shoes. They have open stitch and shoelace eyelet tabs are over the top of one-piece vamp.

8. John Lobb Bespoke

John Lobb BespokeIt is among the leading formal shoe brands available in physical stores and online. The brand is serving since the past 150 years with passion.

9. Alden Slip-on Loafers

Alden Slip-on LoafersIt is perfectly the comfortable, best and well looking formal shoes for formal attire. It is the brand that can surely meet your needs. It is literally a quintessential loafer which stands out with lack of buckle straps or laces to hold on and they often come with single design buckle or tassels for ornamentation.

10. Bruno Magli Wingtips

Bruno Magli WingtipsThe shoes are easy to wear, exotic and beautiful in looks and it is popular in both men’s boots wear and dress shoes wear.

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