Top 10 Best Ice Cream Brands In India 2016 With Price

Everyone loves ice creams. Ice creams have been a favorite in every Indian household for decades now. Not only do ice creams taste amazing, they also give respite from the heat and humidity in India. With the advent of new companies, the number of flavors and innovative tastes has taken ice creams to a whole new level. Here is a list of the 10 best ice cream brands that are available in India.

10. Dinshaw’s

Price: Starts at Rs. 70

Dinshaw'sDinshaw’s is one of the best and oldest brands of ice creams in India. Established in 1933, they initially started the production of milk and eventually ventured into the line of ice creams.

9. Havmor

Price: Starts at Rs. 75

HavmorHavmor is slowly becoming one of the most popular ice cream brands in India. The number of Havmor outlets is increasing all over India. Their brand of creamy ice cream started by Satish Chona has become extremely popular.

8. Arun

Price: Starts at Rs. 30

 ArunArun ice creams are a huge brand in South India. They are known for having the maximum number of outlets across the country. In Tamil Nadu alone, Arun ice creams have more than 670 outlets. With the increasing popularity it will soon become extremely popular all over the country.

7. Cream bell

Price: Starts at Rs. 95

Cream bellCream Bell ice creams are found all over India. They have some of the best flavors and their new range of exotic flavors has also made them extremely popular. The quality of ice cream provided by Cream Bell is definitely of the highest standards.

6. Vadilal

Price: Starts at Rs. 100

VadilalVadilal ice creams need no introduction. They are one of the biggest ice cream manufacturers in India. They sell the best ice cream at the best prices. They offer over 150 flavors of ice creams and other choices.

5. Mother Dairy

Price: Starts at Rs. 150

Mother DairyMother Dairy ice creams are one of the best ice cream brands in India. While they do not have individual stores, they have still increased their popularity. Their addition of fresh fruit to their ice cream is definitely unique to their brand.

4. Baskin Robbins

Price: Starts at Rs. 65

Baskin RobbinsThis California based ice cream manufacturer has slowly become one of the best ice cream manufacturers in India. Their range of 31 flavors is simply a favorite among ice cream lovers.

3. Naturals

Price: Starts at Rs. 55

NaturalsNaturals ice cream still makes ice cream using traditional methods. The large number of Naturals ice cream outlets is surely one of the best chains of ice cream outlets in the country.

2. Amul

Price: Starts at Rs. 135

AmulAmul ice cream is one of the few ice cream brands that contain real milk. Amul ice creams have surely established itself as the leading ice cream manufacturer in the country.

1. Kwality Wall’s

Price: Starts at Rs. 35

Kwality Wall’sKwality Wall’s ice cream is well known in India as well as its neighboring countries. The innovative and unique taste of Kwality Wall’s ice cream makes it one of the best choices of ice creams in India.

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