Top 10 Best Pasta Brands in India

Are you feeling hungry and want to give your taste buds a new flavor?  Why not you try some of the best pastas in India? Pasta has become a staple in India because there are several ready to eat food brands introduced ready to eat pasta that is easy to cook and enjoy. Instant pasta has enjoyed great presence in every Indian kitchen because of its quick cooking benefits. Pasta has become the hottest favorite meal among children in India. Here is the list of best pasta brands you can trust in India –

1. Nestle

NestleNestle is the brand which probably needs no introduction, nor does its “Maggi 2-Minute Noodles” which is popular insanely among children and hostlers. Maggi has become the staple childhood diet for most of us, be it hostel snacking, emergency meal, ready to eat snack, or a midnight snack. Now, Maggi has introduced its unique instant pasta to attract children. Maggi also has widest range of soups, cup noodles, and soup cubes.

2. Yippee

YippeeFor the first time in India, Yippie has introduced its Tricolor Instant Pasta in three exciting colors – Cream, Orange and Green. These colors 3x more fun to your snacking time! Enjoy the buttery smooth pasta which melts in your mouth. It is the ultimate combo of delicious natural veggies and wheat to make itself an absolute snack. It comes in two amazing flavors.

3. Sunfeast

Sunfeast presents India’s original ready to eat pasta breakfast. Sunfeast Pasta Treat is based on whole wheat which is really a healthy snack option for both young adults and children. It comes in four lip-smacking flavors.

4. MTR

MTRIn 1924, MTR was initially a restaurant in Bangalore. It was a family-owned business. Then, the owner, Maiya’s planned for business expansion. Hence, they launched instant mixes, ready-to-eat pasta, gravies, curries, papad, pickles, spices and milk beverages. Today, the brand has left its footprints of success all around the world.

5. McCain

McCainIt is fairly a new brand in Indian market. The ready to eat foods at McCain are the subsidiary of its Canadian brand. Since 1998, it has been engaged in agricultural Research & Development in India. Currently, McCain is offering widest range of ready-to-eat, delicious frozen food, including French Fries, Smilies, Aloo Tikki, Cheesy Bites, Pasta and other delectable snacks.

6. Ching’s Secret

Ching’s SecretIt is yet another popular noodle and pasta brand in India. Manufactured by Capital Food Indian Limited, Ching’s Secret is another well known noodle and pasta brand. Smith & Jones is another noodle brand from Capital Food Indian Limited, but Ching’s Secret is most popular. It is the flagship brand giving tough competition to biggies like Maggi. It is offering huge range of products.

7. Knorr

KnorrKnorr is yet another popular brand by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. It has become the well-known brand in India especially for offering Knorr Soupy Noodles. It is offering a vast range of soups and pasta in India.

8. Top Ramen

Top RamenTop Ramen is a well known brand by Nissin, a Japanese giant introduced the first noodle product in the year 1958 but made entry in India in 1988, sharp 30 years later. Top Ramen is one of the prominent noodle and pasta brands in India.

9. Naturally Yours

Naturally YoursAs the name suggests, Naturally Yours is known to produce organic pasta products. It is offering Macaroni pasta which is extruded, hollow, elbow-shaped pasta comes in different lengths and sizes. It comes in diverse and versatile shapes. It is used to make casseroles, soups and pasta. It is a healthy food which improves digestion and builds immunity.

10. De Cecco

De CeccoFor the first time in India, De Cecco presents potato Gnocchi which is known for its ridged surface and oval shape. You can make variety of dishes every day. De Cecco is the brand known for producing tasty food for your balanced diet. It is born from a unique recipe that just combines soft grain flour with select potatoes.

Gnocchi can be made of different ingredients. Usually, they are made of potato and covered with butter, olive oil, tomato-based sauce and freshly grated romano cheese or parmesan cheese served as side dish to the main course. It must be boiled in water gently until they float over the top. Make sure not to cook them overly or they will fall aside.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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