Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Located at the foothills of Himalayan ranges, the mountainous Himachal Pradesh features snow-capped peaks and series of valleys. Adventure lovers flock here to get a soothing escape in the crisp mountain air. Here are few of the most happening and offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Shimla


Once the summer capital for British rulers, Shimla is the state capital, which sprawls over the mountain ridges, and rhododendron, oak and pine forests. It is known for its historical railway and colonial styled buildings.

2. Kullu Manali

The pleasant backdrop of the Himalayas, Manali features the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility, making it the most happening destinations to visit in North India. This magical hill station lies in Kullu Valley.

3. MacLeod Ganj and Dharamshala

These small towns house the endless charm of Dalai Lama and strong Tibetan influence. People flock here to learn philosophy and Buddhist meditation, Tibetan language, Tibetan cooking and alternative therapies. It has some of the fascinating temples, museums, and monasteries for sightseeing.

4. Bir Billing

Here, you can enjoy several activities here like paragliding, camping and trekking. It is the home of several attractions like monasteries and tea estates. Deer Park Institute offers several accommodation options with different courses on Indian and Buddhist philosophy.

5. Andretta

If you love art or pottery, Andretta village is surely something that shouldn’t be missed. It is located just 20 minutes of drive from Kangra and Palampur districts. You may pay a visit to the village from Dharamshala on a day trip.

6. Great Himalayan National Park

Located in the Kullu District, the Great Himalayan National Park is the World Heritage Site from UNESCO. It covers around 750 sq. km and has four valleys inside. The untamed, remote and rugged terrain makes it the most popular destination by trekkers within the most adventurous and fittest reach within the core area. There is no lack of trekking routes here that may take 3 to 8 days to complete. You may go and interact with locals and learn more about how they live.

7. Spiti

Spiti has been described as a world in a world, by Rudyard Kipling. This high-altitude, remote area is tucked off against the border of Tibet and Ladakh. It has been opened since 1991 for the tourists. Spiti has become the barren alpine desert which is fully capped with heavy snow throughout the year. You have to take long drive from Malani to get there in Spiti. You can get the unforgettable scenery which is truly worth your trip.

8. Dalhousie

As compared to Manali and Shimla, Dalhousie is truly less crowded place. The nearest Chamba Valley is the area which is lesser explored in Himachal Pradesh. The town is named after Lord Dalhousie, the founder, and it still has the district stamp from the British rulers. The major center of attraction here is Kalatope Wildlife Sanctuary which is just a short drive from here. You can also walk over there but you need a permit for vehicle. You may go further into Chamba Valley and discover the ancient and fascinating temples, folklore and tribes.

9. The Parvati Valley and Kasol

The Parvati Valley in Kullu district and the forest around Kasol bring the psychedelic trance scenery. You may walk 30 minutes from here to reach Chalal and cross the cable bridge over Parvati River and follow the picture-perfect riverside path. Magica Festival and Parvati Peaking are two of the important events.

10. Himalayan Golden Triangle

The off-beat circuit includes Sangla, Thanedhar and Sojha hills attract several outdoor and nature lovers. Starting from the heart of Thanedhar, the apple country of Himachal Pradesh, the Sangla Valley is close to Tibetan border and is positioned at the altitude of 9000 ft.


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