10 Best Places To Visit in Spain

Spain is a great holiday destination and you must plan your visit to this exotic country. Proper Visa is required despite the duration of stay whether you want to stay here for a day, a week, or a month. Spain proposes superb lodging choices to make your vacation unforgettable as well as comfy. You may get hotel complete with world class amenities and facilities. To avoid any hassle some of the hotel service providers advance booking option via the internet. Make sure that you accomplish every requirement although if you check internet you might get information which might help you understand the Spain. Here we will provide you list top 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain.


BarcelonaBarcelona is Located in northeastern Spain and it is one of the top travel destinations in Spain because it offers everything that tourists look for in a European city. Here you can visit to historic architecture to lively shopping, vibrant culture and buzzing nightlife. One of the most important things about visiting Barcelona that you get to visit extraordinary structures feature combinations of fascinating designs, shapes and colors. Where you get awesome feel which purify your soul and give you peace and harmony.

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Spanish Islands

Spanish IslandsThe largest Spanish Islands is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, which is equally divided between the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Spanish Islands is famous for its beauty, history, culture, and people not to forget to mention delicious cuisine. If you are travelling to Europe than it is highly recommended to visit Spanish Islands and explore this place which still has ancient and urban feel to it. This place has so much to travel that one get confuse and so plan your trip in such a manner that you cover maximum places especially the Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canaria and the Teide Volcano in Tenerife.

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GranadaGranada is another great city in Spain, which is located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of southern Spain. Splendid ornamental architecture, spectacular and lush gardens, cascading and dripping water features are prominent tourist destination. Keep this place in your list as it provides an authentic rustic Granada travel experience which you will never forget. People are warm and welcoming which gives you a home like feeling.

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Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela is famous place of Spain and one must visit this place. The place will provide you the traditional pilgrimage known as Camino de Santiago. The pilgrimage is important in Christian’s community because it is believed that Santiago de Compostela is the place where an Apostle of Jesus Christ, is buried. This place is one of the most mesmerizing countries and its warm and welcoming mood always attracts tourist. Mostly people visit this place because of the history attaches to it and many of the places are still look same and provide an ancient feel to you.


CordobaCordoba is a great city of Spain, which is famous for tiny medieval streets, plazas and whitewashed courtyards which are surrounded the star attraction, the Mezquita. Not only the beauty of this place but there a lot of places to visit when you enter Cardoba like forest of columns topped with Islamic-style red and white striped arches, here you can witness the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs, the Street of Flowers, the Old Jewish Quarter and clean and tidy tourist destinations which make this country best for travel and tourism.

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