Top 10 Best Running Shoes Brands in India

The runners have told a lot when it comes to choose the best running shoes. We are here to find out the best running shoe brand for men and we are all set to share our top picks. We learned a lot about your top choices and your favorite brands. First of all, the feature that runners love about running shoes is comfort. It is obvious that you don’t like to run miles in a shoe which is not comfortable at all.

Next up, most of the people are looking for minimal, light shoes which provide just a bit of cozy cushioning. Third, runners love shoes which are durable and which can last longer and cover several miles every week. By considering these features, here are our top picks.

10. The North Face

The North FaceDespite the fact that The North Face is not the first brand in this list when it comes to running shoes, their running shoes are fairly new today and they are reliable too. According to a commuter, these shoes are best for trail running with quality and good fit.

9. Salomon

SalomonLike The North Face, Solomon is known to manufacture huge range of outdoor apparel and equipment. According to the reader, these running shoes are the best choice as they are made with quality material and they can cater to your pro running needs.

8. Saucony

SauconyThis brand is voted by the commuters on durability and comfort of running shoes. These sneakers are known for comfort and great fitting along with soft cushioning as well. According to a commuter, these shoes are easy to wear and the brand scored more as an American manufacturer.

7. Altra

AltraThe running shoes in this brand fall under minimal range as these shoes were found important to most of the survey respondents. The running shoes from Altra have signature “FootShape” toe box and cushioned zero drop platform with an aim to promote the form of natural running. With these shoes, you can run the way you are intended to.

6. Brooks

BrooksIt has significantly earned the votes of commuters because of its consistency, reliability and comfort. According to a commuter, these shoes have quality and consistent fit. Every pair you get is better than its counterpart. These shoes are also helpful for runners with Achilles tendonitis and planter fasciitis who often have problem with foot pain.

5. Asics

AsicsThis brand is known for producing shoes that provide value for money and comfort fit. According to a respondent, this brand is voted for best fitting and they come with huge range of designs and colors to choose from. According to a respondent, Asics running shoes have comfort fit and consistent quality.

4. New Balance

New BalanceIt has been the leader in shoe-making since 100 years. New Balance is voted for durability and simplicity in running shoes. The brand is recommended for big toe box design and these shoes really work well for narrow or long feet.

3. Scott Sports

Scott SportsA commenter says, “Being winter sports and cycling fan, Scott Sports has always helped him with its best technology. They put their unique philosophy in shoes and you get something like practical running shoes.” According to another commuter, The running shoes from Scott Sports come with durability, comfort, and innovative designs and features.

2. Newton

NewtonThese shoes come with good form and comfort. The shoes of this brand are minimal and provide light ride to the runners with proper cushioning.

1. Skora

 SkoraThey scored the top position in this list as these shoes don’t just have comfortable feel and high quality, they are also made of quality materials, great looking and well designed.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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