Top 10 Best Scooty Below 70,000 Rs. in India 2016


Engineers have made these amazing Scooters that are available in much low price and they are even more balanced and safe as well. Now you can ride most amazing Scooty / Scooter under 70,000 Rs with complete confidence. People no longer need to worry about finding themselves away from home with these amazing two-wheeler and can enjoy shopping and roaming around without worry.   They are much cheaper than a car or motorbike, and even they are easier and comfortable ride than a bicycle or pair of roller blades. Now you can make your choice with the list of bikes we have given in list. Wide range of scooters available these days with variety of colors and size with options of performance and speed with a seat and backrest and many other alternatives. In this festive season you must get one of the best gifts for someone special and it can be a two-wheeler.

1. Honda Activa 110 cc Scooter

Honda 110 cc Scooter

Honda Activa 110 cc Scooter is one of the most exciting scooters and it will gain popularity in coming year. It’ll be the fourth product within the portfolio of Honda and very much famous in Indian market. In the year 2016 you might also get to see a 125 cc engine power-driven scooter. This approaching 110cc scooter will be known as code name K24A and power-driven by the 109 cc single cylinder engine. The scooter is powered with Honda’s Honda Eco Technology that provides excellent mileage. This scooter will be great competition for the Yamaha Ray-Z.

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Honda Activa is the bestselling scooter in India because of its rigidity and reliability. It has constantly been proven to be the leader in scooter segment. Since its introduction 13 years ago, Activa 3G has never seen any downfall in sales. Activa 110cc is the revamped model which further enhanced to Activa 3G. It features 110cc engine and a lot of amazing features like large space for storage, full metal body, combi brakes and 3D Emblem. Activa 3G has a width of 710mm, height of 1149mm and 1761 mm, when it comes to dimension. The ground clearance has 153mm and seat is 765mm high.

It delivers great durability in rough roads with stylish metal body. It has been engraved well in stylish 3D emblem. It has well-designed taillights which are simply stylish. It features Anti-theft key shutter adding more security and safety to the lock. Under the seat, it has storage space of 18 liters.

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