10 Best Scooter (Scooty) Below Rs. 60,000 in India

With introduction of scooter the lives of many people get revolutionized and revitalized. If you’re trying to find a scooter that you simply will own for a value vary of approx. 60,000 rupees or less, then you’ve got landed at right spot. We’ve got come up with best 10 scooty under 60K rupees. The below mentioned scooters will be driven by each men and ladies. With these scooter elderly and people with serious illness enjoying the freedom from the bond of illness or age have placed on them as now they can go and visit the places where they could not go before. Healthy and normal people could also get these scooters and make their life easy and fast. Gas price hike is ever increasing, but these new age scooters are coming up with great mileage.

List of Top 10 Best Scooter (Scooty) in India Under 60,000 INR for Boys/Grils.

10. Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha Ray Z

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Yamaha Ray Z

If you want to get funky then yamaha Ray Z comes in a very range of color choices and offers a mileage of up to 50 kmpl on highways. Its engine contains a displacement of a 110 cc, and it will offer a power of 7.11 ps. This striking and stylish scooty possesses options like power start and telephonic front suspension etc. It is has gained popularity in Indian market and it is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 47000 approx. it is also one of the preferred scooters in the Indian market.

Yamaha Ray has become very successful scooter but it was mostly designed for female riders. In order to capture lion’s share in the scooter market, Yamaha introduced Ray Z with masculine appeal. The scooter has no major differences but it has some restyled tweaks and louder graphics. It features a whole-new instrument panel, smoked-finish visor, aluminum rear grab-bars and fiber patterned seat. The front of the scooter has V-shaped headlights and the rear has styled tail lamp with transparent lens indicators. Irrespective of sculpted and lean body, 15.5 liter under-seat capacity, Ray Z is spacious enough to store a full-face helmet and floor board has plenty of leg space.

The Ray Z keeps on powering up with 113cc engine that generates 8 Nm and of torque and 7bhp through CVT gearbox. It has updated the carburetor and roller-rockers and tweaked the suspension.  The refined engine is best choice for city commute.

Yamaha Ray Z Pros

  • Telescopic front suspension and power start
  • Got a whole-new masculine appeal
  • Affordable yet powerful

Yamaha Ray Z Cons

  • Low mileage
  • Poor braking

Yamaha Ray Z Review Video

9. Hero Maestro Edge


Hero Maestro Edge

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Hero Maestro Edge

Maestro Edge may be a product of Hero Motocorp, and is fuel economical scooty with a powerful mileage of approx. 50kmpl. The scooter is equipped with an engine of 109 cc it provides a power of 8.2 PS, you’ll get crazy with this super stylish scooter from the first day or the first time you take ride on it. It is gaining popularity with time and it is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 49000 approx. it is also one of the preferred scooters in the market.

The overall look and design of Hero Maestro truly justifies its tagline “It’s Such a Boy Thing”.  Maestro features tough body and it is easy to handle. Hence, there is no need to bother with small collisions. Maestro is the ideal automatic scooter from Hero Motocorp. The scooter is extremely comfortable for daily commute. In addition, it features compact 109cc engine that delivers great fuel economy and performance. It features digital instrument console that features fuel gauge, trip meter, and service due meter that adds another charm to its muscular design.

Hero Motocorp has made its unique presence by providing the efficient engine. It is loaded with single-cylinder 109cc, OHC, aircooled engine that churns out 9.1 Nm at 5500 RPM and 8.2 PS at 7500 RPM. It also gives great fuel economy on both city road and open road. It features the powerful engine when it comes to its performance.

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Hero Maestro Edge Pros

  • Superior design and masculine appeal
  • Great performance
  • Large storage space under seat

Hero Maestro Edge Cons

  • Less pickup
  • Delivers less mileage

Hero Maestro Edge Review Video

8. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Honda Aviator

If you are looking for grand scooty then This is an excellent, attractive and classy scooter that has been launched in India by Honda motors ltd. Honda has introduced this amazing acooter with an engine of a 110 cc, the 110cc battery-powered engine proven to be one in all the foremost fuel economical because it provides a mileage of 53 kmpl. It is one of the popular scooters, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 50000 approx. it is also one of the preferred scooters in the market.

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After Dio and Activa, Aviator is third scooter offered by the Japanese maker in India. With its “Live Your Style” slogan and tallish look, Aviator strongly targets male riders. It sits over the existing Honda scooters lineup and shares the same engine as that with Activa and Dio. It features air-cooled 109cc single-cylinder engine that delivers 8.77 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm and churns out 8bhp at 7000 RPM. The scooter features V-Matic transmission and has the option of both self start and kick start. It features Honda Eco Technology (HET) to deliver around 60 kmpl of efficiency.

The Aviator is available in STD and DLX variants. The DLX variant has Combined Braking System (CBS) and front disc and STD has drum brakes. Combined Braking System is a nice safety feature in a scooter to have. The braking systems are given on both front and rear wheels in DLX variant.

Honda Aviator Pros

  • Superior looks and appeal
  • Amazing features
  • Powerful engine
  • Good acceleration

Honda Aviator Cons

  • Suitable only for tall riders

Honda Aviator Review Video

7. TVS Wego

 TVS Wego

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: TVS Wego

TVS is launching scooty for every segment, Wego may be a new comer within the scooter industry from TVS motors in India. This is a 110 cc engine battery-powered scooty may be a light-weight and sensible challenger among Indian consumers, thus simply don’t suppose abundant and acquire this one currently if you’re keen on light-weight scooters with powerful ride. It is popular scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 51000 approx. it is one of the favorite scooters from TVS motors.

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After Scooty Zest, TVS Wego is another 110cc scooter which comes with trendy looks. The updated version also comes with full digital instrument cluster, dual-tone color scheme; 12-inch tubeless tires, digital instrument cluster and it can share some of the body parts with TVS Jupiter. Wego also gets various handy specifications like steering that you can lock on both left and right sides, glowing ignition slot to locate the slot in the dark with ease, handy external fuel filler cap, durable metal body and lockable rear break for comfort in parking.

TVS Wego also delivers 16l of storage under the seat and a mobile charging socket under the seat. It also shares the engine with the same of TVS Jupiter. The standard version features both rear and front drum brakes, with an additional variant and a front disc. It delivers great ride quality with rear gas-charged mono-shock suspension and telescopic front suspension.

TVS Wego Pros

  • Lightweight and compact scooter
  • Powerful ride
  • Affordable

TVS Wego Cons

  • Needs little practice to use main stand
  • Under seat storage goes warm

TVS Wego Review Video

6. Honda Activa I

Honda Activa i

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Honda Activa I

Honda Activa series has gained a huge popularity, all thanks to the design it offers to its customers. Honda Activa I is yet one more nice and mileage economical scooter from Honda with a displacement engine of a 110 cc. if you’re trying to find a powerful and exciting ride, then this can be the factor you should try this amazing scooter. It is popular scooter from honda, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 49000 approx. it is one of the favorite scooters among girls.

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Honda Activa I is the lighter, cheaper and more stylish variant of Activa, the bestselling scooter. The scooter holds various cosmetic tweaks over the basic Activa. But it still retains the dimension, engine and platform. According to Honda, Activa I is a unisex scooter. But it still holds a little feminism across the fiber body. Activa I comes with Combi Braking System (CBS) that provides improved braking over the two drum brakes. Some other features are maintenance-free battery, tubeless tires and 18l storage under seat to store a full-sized helmet. It has upright and comfortable riding position that is nice for daily commute.

Activa-I is loaded with CVT and Honda Eco Technology (HET) in 109.2 cc engine that delivers 8.74 Nm of torque and 8bhp. Due to the fiber body, the weight of scooter is reduced and it now weighs 103 kg when Activa weighs 110 kg. It improves the efficiency with 60 kmpl of mileage.

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Honda Activa I Pros

  • Lighter, cheaper and stylish scooter
  • Good for both male and female riders
  • Improved braking

Honda Activa I Cons

  • Lacks in telescopic suspension
  • Limited color choices

Honda Activa I Review Video

5. TVS scooty Streak

TVS scooty Streak

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: TVS Scooty Streak

TVS brand is taking two wheeler industry to a new heights and there product scooty streak contains a lighter engine so as to boost the mileage and cut back the load. This scooty has an engine with displacement of 87.4 cc only; however it offers an amazing mileage of up to fifty one kmpl. It is very slick and easy to ride scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 51000 approx. it is one of the favorite scooty of girls.

After the grand success of Pep Plus, TVS has introduced a new variant, Scooty Streak. When it comes to style, it has truly outperformed the competition. It has the potential to make a unique presence in Indian market. TVS India has introduced new color combination and Scooty Streak is promoted as the whole-new Sinfully Black Scooty. It comes with all-black theme with five various graphics/shades. The all-black theme gels perfectly with its design and improved its look and made the best-looking Scooter in its class. It is one of the most stylish variants of Scooters till date. The new panels in the Scooty look really pointed and sharp.

The nose of the scooty has the prominent lines and adds appealing appearance with the whole-new stretched lens indicators. Below the headlights, the air-inlets are just like Pep Plus but they are more remarkable because of large size. The color schemes also add a great charm to it.

TVS scooty Streak Pros

  • Comes with beautiful color options
  • Improved design and looks
  • Lightweight scooter

TVS scooty Streak Cons

  • Designed only for college-going girls
  • Poor mileage

4. Vespa LX 125

Vespa LX 125

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Vespa LX 125

Vespa always known to provide great scooters in the Indian market and with its Vespa LX 125 is meant, developed and distributed by LML in India. The foremost necessary part regarding the LML genus Vespa LX 125 is that it’s got an excellent mileage of sixty kmpl. This can be an excellent cool and handsome scooter that suits men and ladies equally. Vespa needs no introduction as it is quite a popular brand. It is very beautiful created scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 59000 approx.

When the scooter market is busy showing ample promise and significant growth, Vespa has made entry to Indian market in good time and LX125 is best suited for Indian roads. Everything seems to be picturesque in this model. Bred in India and born in Italy, Vespa LX125 is arguably the beautiful Indian scooter. It is smoothened, perfectly proportioned with timeless lines which have been built well since its first seen in the 1940s. The curved front apron truly runs smart border over which it features halogen headlight and rounded clear lens which brighten up inky nights.

The whole-new Vespa has elegantly-designed, top quality switches which feature cozy palm grips, push-to-cancel indicators and alloy brake levers which top the rank with the best for any Indian scooter. A rear brake lock clamp may be a let-down in Vespa. But it has the ideally evolved design touches and even slight details are well addressed.

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Vespa LX 125 Pros

  • Plush design and looks
  • Excellent performance and mileage
  • Best suited for Indian roads

Vespa LX 125 Cons

  • An expensive ride

Vespa LX 125 Review Video

3. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa may be a lovely scooter with okay style. It will store up to 5.3 liters of fuel for extended rides and look giant enough with style. Its powerful 124.9 cc 4stroke with air cooled engine will offer an influence of 8.6bhp @ 6500 rate. Honda is known brand in two wheeler sector and offer relaxed ride. It is very stylish and huge scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 57000 approx. you must take a test ride to finalize this amazing scooter.

In India, Honda Activa 125 is the first automatic scooter of 125cc which provides the attractive combination of performance, efficiency, comfort and advanced features in a very competitive segment. The scooter is loaded with attractive features like digital meter, 5-spoke alloy wheels, maintenance free battery, front disc brake and tubeless tires. It also features Combined Braking system from Honda for better control over the vehicle on braking. It comes in four colors – Midnight Blue metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White, Asteroid Black Metallic and Force Silver Metallic. It comes in Deluxe and Standard variants.

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Honda Activa 125 is powered by Honda Eco Technology (HET) as standard. Thanks to this advanced technology, the efficiency of the scooter can be significantly improved without losing its overall performance. Hence, the scooter provides 59 kmpl of fuel efficiency. The capacity of fuel tank is 5.3 liters and efficiency range is up to 320 km.

Honda Activa 125 Pros

  • Designed for all riders of all ages
  • Affordable
  • Powerful engine and great mileage
  • Superior pickup

Honda Activa 125 Cons

  • Over priced
  • Soft seat

Honda Activa 125 Review Video

2. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

Top 10 Best Scooter in India: Yamaha Fascino

If you are looking for elegance then you must have heard of the dominance of Yamaha within the 2 wheeler’s and sports bike section. Yamaha Fascino contains a powerful 113cc engine; 113cc battery-powered engine will simply offer a mileage of around 55 kmpl. Cost: 52k approx.  Yamaha is one brand which always creates demand because it offer excellent service and give comfortable ride. It is very trendy and elegant scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooters, available at price tag of 52000 approx.

Yamaha has always tried to grab the stylish scooter market. When it comes to design, Fascino has arrived with the perfect blend of modernity and class. It looks just as nice from the sides as from the front. The curvy design flows smoothly from the apron to the foot and ends at tail lamps. It has got the touches of chrome on mirrors, under the rider seat, horn grille and on rear over the stop lamp. Fascino also boasts the Blue Core technology from Yamaha and it also improves fuel efficiency and acceleration. The manufacturer claims to deliver the mileage of 66 km per liter. It has 3D logo on rear side and Blue Core badge that gives a glimpse to the future. The console features analog speedometer, rich beige shade and fuel gauge. The heat shield and exhaust muffler features matte black finish. The storage under seat has the capacity of 21 liters.

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Yamaha Fascino Pros

  • No comparison in style – very beautiful and curvy design
  • Improved acceleration and fuel efficiency
  • Amazing features

Yamaha Fascino Cons

  • Little bit overpriced
  • Lacks in digital speedometer

Yamaha Fascino Review Video

1. Suzuki Access 125

suzuki access 125

Best Scooter in India: Suzuki Access 125

Access 125 from Suzuki motors may be a nice, most powerful and advanced scooter with nice designed and enough power. Fitted with an engine of displacement of 124.6 cc, it’s a super-fast scooty that you simply should purchase for fewer than 60,000 rupees. It is one of the most in demand scooter that offer a very proficient way to take you from one place to another. It is very stylish and elegant scooter, which is also one of the most affordable scooty , available at price tag of 56000 approx.

Suzuki Access 125 is known to be the bestselling scooter from Suzuki. Overall, the looks are not so attractive because Honda has made better branding in the country and Activa has outperformed this scooter when it comes to sales in India. Powered by 125cc single cylinder engine, Suzuki Access generates around 9.8 Nm of torque and 8.5 bhp of power. It has the consistent variable transmission gearbox that delivers great acceleration and smooth power delivery.

Suzuki Access gives tough competition to Activa 110 when it comes to pricing. Access is a better buy due to its 125 cc engine and you don’t really need to pay more for accessories, such as number plates. On the other side, you are charged extra for accessories when you buy Honda Activa. Access is available in four different color options like Glass Sparkle Black, Candy Antares Red, Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Sonic Silver and Metallic Matte Fibroin Grey.

Suzuki Access 125 Pros

  • Light in riding
  • Provides superior performance with powerful engine
  • Great mileage scooter

Suzuki Access 125 Cons

  • Heavy in weight
  • Not fit for short riders

Suzuki Access 125 Review Video

List of Best Scooter (Scooty) Under 60,000 INR for Boys/Girls

RankingScooty NamePrice
1Suzuki Access 125 56,000
2Yamaha Fascino52,000
3Honda Activa 12557,000
4Vespa LX 12559,000
5TVS scooty Streak51,000
6Honda Activa I49,000
7TVS Wego51,000
8Honda Aviator50,000
9Hero Maestro Edge49,000
10Yamaha Ray Z47,000
Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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