Top 10 best scotch whisky brands with Prices

Whiskey is the mark of reputation and the drink of various cultures. The spirit defines class and sophistication and this spirit is consumed by upper class people. The backwood and country folk type of liquor is the masculine type of drink and hails from Scotland, America. However, it is produced in several other regions of the world. All over the world, whiskey is manufactured in various forms and flavorings. When talking about the Tequila brands, they have very distinct flavors. All the Tequila brands in India make Tequila whisky by mixing the blue agave plant found in the city of Tequila, the state of Mexico and Jalisco.


Bell’s: The perfect brand of whisky

Holding the number 10th position, Bell’s is the largest brand of whisky. Although the sales remained pretty stagnant, the Bell’s brand managed to avoid plummet volumes suffered by the million case selling brethren. The brand avoided loses with the new ad campaign which the consumers praised as ‘heartwarming’. The whiskey is priced at Rs. 6000/- per 35cl.


Bell’s: The perfect brand of whisky

The Label 5 Whisky

Label 5 whisky is brought up by La Martiniquaise’s which made its debut at being one of the best whiskey brands in India. It attracts the new generation of whisky drinkers and the brand experienced an impressive sales. Label 5 became as popular as the Gold Heritage Expression which was launched towards the end of the year.


The Label 5 Whisky

Dewar’s brand of whisky

The Drink Man’s Scotch ‘Dewar’ recorded its lowest sales in 5 years time. Despite the further drop in sales by up to 20%, it is still ahead in competition and occupies the 8th position.


Dewar’s brand of whisky


William Peel: the number 7 whisky brand

William Peel has moved two places up and is owned by Belvedere, the French drink Group. In the year 2011, it marked an increase in its market share. 1 liter of William Peel whiskey is priced at 18, 86 pounds.


William Peel

William Lawson’s Whiskey

This is another brand of whiskey in the Bacardi brand. The sales grew impressively and in volumes. In 2010, this whiskey had double sales. It seems to have usurped the 6th position by taking the place of The Famous Grouse. The whisky is comprised with the blend of high malt content. William Lawson in the year 1849, first produced it. The 3cl sample is priced at 2.78 pounds.



William Lawson’s Whiskey

The J &B Whiskey brand

Although the sales of J & B fell by 7%, still it is the popular whiskey brand all over the world. It became the popular ‘whiskey’ flavor with the J& B Urban Honey in the year 2014, March. It has not experienced too much of success but still it rules the market. Previously owned by Justerini & Brooks, now it is owned by multinational spirit giants.


J &B Whiskey brand

The Grant’s Whiskey

The blended Scotch Whiskey saw an increase in the sales in 2013 but then even the abundant marketing campaigns could not ignite the sales. When there was an increase in the first volume of sales, the hopes went high. The focus was shifted from the older consumers to Millennial drinkers which was the signature drink for all youngsters. The new Grant’s signature is made for the younger generation.


The Grant’s Whiskey


The all time favorite Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal occupies the top three positions despite the decline in sales by 2%. Still it has the largest volume of sales. The owner of the brand is Chivas Brother worked in close association with Pernod Richard to capitalize on the whiskey’s untapped growth. By the end of the year, it is expected to reap a greater reward.


The all time favorite Chivas Regal

The star Whiskey Ballantine!

Ballantine is the star whiskey of Chivas Brother. It recorded a great growth in sales by 2% in the year 2014. Despite this meager rise in percentage sales, it is still an achievement when compared to other Scotch Whiskey’s Goliaths. It retained the interest of the consumers with the range of innovations in marketing. The launch of the golf club for the golf lovers was the latest innovation that seems to have captured the attention of on-trade Bartender focused project.


Whiskey Ballantine

Johnnie Walker: The best selling whisky brand

Johnnie Walker belonging to Diago’s is the world’s leading whisky. It occupies the number one position as the blended scotch and is the most distributed one across the globe. The whiskey is synonymous with the premium blended whiskey and is the rarest one. Although it lost its title of being number one whiskey in 2013, Diageo did not accept the defeat. He launched a plethora of various innovations, activations and campaigns.


Johnnie Walker

An overview of Tequila brands!

Tequila brands make the finest in the line whiskeys. In fact, they are the truest form of alcohol. Jimadores, the harvester of the agave plant, trim the pinas when they are at their peak ripeness. They are put in stills for fermentation. Certain Tequilas are different from the tastes. Hence, the drinker enjoys different variations in the drink. Some of the worth mentioning brands are Cazadores, El Jimador, Milagro, Herradura and various others.

The best Scotch whiskey brands

Whiskey is the anglicized word implying ‘the water of life’. The distilled alcoholic beverage was distilled in the 13th century for the first time. Some of the best Scotch Whiskey brands are Black Velvet, Clown Royal, Jim Beam, Suntory, Johhnie Walker and Jack Daniel. The largest selling brand and the king of whiskeys is Jack Daniel. Now the brand is planning to come up with a new variant, namely, Sinatra 100’s Birthday.

The best rum brands

There are various companies making the best rum. Choosing the right one as per the taste will be difficult. Among all the best rum brands, mention must be made to Cruzan Single Barrel Rum, Maximo Extra Anejo Rum, DnQ Gran Anejo Rum.

If you are looking for the names of best whiskey brands, you can look the above section. Vodka is also ranked as the leading spirit in the world. Belenkaya is one of the best vodka brands along with Smirnoff. Each brand of whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Vodka carries its own reputation and has specialty. Each form of whiskey has a distinct aging process.

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