Top 10 Best Sneakers Brands in India

When choosing the best sneaker brands, most of us like to stay in comfort zone by choosing Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Asics, Jordan Brand, and maybe Saucony. Besides also-rans and major brands, there are companies making cozy sneakers. To open up with various sneakers, we have listed the top collection of brands which are doing well but are getting unnoticed. Here are the sneaker brands you can choose for your passion for running.

Filling Pieces

Filling PiecesCurrently, the Netherlands has been the hottest favorite for the prevalence of men’s style and sneaker culture. Filling Pieces truly embodies the emerging trend. The Portugal-based brand truly pursues the lavishness of its product. It is not stuck in the rut of manufacturing traditional sneakers. The brand experiments with fabrics, textures and prints.


PonyIt is a New York based brand which is offering running shoes recommended by several A-list athletes, including Lawrence Taylor, Dan Marino, Pele, Spud Webb and Earl Campbell. Spud Webb won NBA Dunk Contest 1986 in City Wings. Well, those times have gone and Currently Pony collaborated with Atmos NYC and Wish ATL.


EtonicThe brand is back with its exclusive range of running shoes and also made a splash in NBA because it is one of the huge centers of all time. Olajuwon wore “The Dream” sneaker in 1984 when the catalyst got back to footwear. For those who don’t want a retro basketball sneaker, don’t worry. Etonic is planned to bring its runners back as well.

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ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ AmsterdamEvery sneaker brand doesn’t have a storied history based on a factory in 19th Century. It is just a high quality sneaker manufacturer. Even though it is based in Amsterdam, it produces sneakers in Portugal. It has offered a few of various models. ETQ has launched a lot of models and introduced a few runners in its range of luxury sneakers that are based more on style and quality.


GreatsThere are several products launched by Greats, when it comes to silhouettes. The brand is based on simplifying silhouettes and offering the sneakers at best prices. The brand was established by Ryan Babenzien and Jon Buscemi, and its product has a unique #menswear tilt, along with the collaboration with Nick Wooster when it comes to metallic slip-ons.


KarhuThe Finnish brand has been in the market since 100 years. Sneaker lovers may focus more on its classic silhouette known as the “Albatross”. The modern brand is categorized into Originals and Running. The history of the brand goes far ahead to outfit nostalgic appeal and Finnish Olympians.

Fred Perry

Fred PerryThis menswear brand truly takes the heritage of tennis and it can be turned into higher end menswear. This brand truly fits well in that niche and these collaborations came at ideal time.

Norman Wash

Norman WashAlong with New Balance, Norman Wash is another brand in the UK which is producing quality sneakers. It is an athletic brand with the history of up to 50 years. The British brand is offering archival sneakers across the world. It doesn’t produce sneakers for modern athletes but its catalog includes hundreds of models known for performance.

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DiadoraIn the 1990s, you may have bought a pair of soccer cleats from Diadora but this brand has made its presence in 2014. But it is not related to soccer at all. It is the brand brought N9000 back, which is a 80s runner and let the likes of Hanon and Patta to contribute.

Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq SportifIt is the French brand used by Joakim Noah but it has long back history as a footwear brand. It has been around for 100 years and supplied the uniforms to the Men’s National Team in the US in the early 80s.

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