Top 10 Best Soups Brands in India

Soups are known to have several health benefits as a hearty meal. They are needed mostly in winter months. Loaded with a lot of minerals and nutrients, soup also helps improve liquid intake in the body during dry days on winter. To keep you well hydrated and fit, we have compiled the list of best soups brands in India for a flu-free and healthy winter.

1. Knorr

KnorrThe Hindustan Unilever’s brand, Knorr is well known to produce Knorr Soupy Noodles. It has become the leading brand India known for widest range of soups and noodles in the country. It is offering unique range of soups, including Knorr Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, Knorr Chinese Noodle Schezwan, Knorr Chinese Noodle Hot Spicy etc.

2. Ching’s Secret

Ching’s SecretIt is yet another popular noodle and soup brand in the country by Capital Food Indian Limited. It is offering huge range of noodle and instant soup mixes in India, such as Singapore Curry Instant Noodles, Schezwan Instant Noodles, and other products.

3. MTR

MTRMTR is another leading brand in India known for widest range of ready to cook and ready to eat products. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is the leading brand name offering healthy Indian dishes offering the flavor of home-cooked meals. It is offering variety of soup mixes. Along with soups, it is also offering variety of breakfast mixes. You don’t have to learn any recipe to prepare a specific dish. All you need to go through the instructions and get your delicacies ready within few minutes to serve.

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4. Maggi

MaggiIt is another leading brand from Nestle which is known for producing instant 2-minute noodles. Now it is offering Maggi Healthy Soups which are tasty, instant and healthy. It is offering variety of dehydrated soup mixes, including Maggi Onion Soup Mix, which has a French Onion dip with reduced cream.

5. Top Ramen

Top RamenTop Ramen is the brand manufactured by the leading Japanese company, Nissin. It is now offering easy and homemade Top Ramen Noodle Soup. One can buy soup in different flavors. This brand is leading the noodle and soup market since decades in India.

6. Kwality

KwalityIt is a well known and leading brand offering spice mixes, curry mixes and mixed vegetable soups in India. It is the leading exporter, importer, manufacturer and supplier of huge range of spices, breakfast mixes, spice powders and soups across India and worldwide.

7. Bambino

BambinoBambino Agro has been the synonymous to sphere and vermicelli of pasta products. It is offering widest range of kitchen products across India for the years, including Bambino Soups, Noodles and Pasta. Some of the popular offerings are Bambino Mixed Vegetable Soup Powder and Bambino Tomato Soup Powder.

8. Sil

SilIn the late 1960s, Sil was owned by Rallies India Ltd. The brand continues with offering sauces, jams, baked beans, ketchups and sweet corn soups. Sweet corn soup from SIL is known to be very healthy for winter months which are dry and rough. The soups keep you hydrated and active as they are loaded with variety of minerals.

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9. Keya

KeyaKeya is another key player in the market offering instant sweet corn chicken soup made of tasty chicken broth and sweet yet tender American Corn, aromatic spices and herbs and juicy chicken bits. The soup is really tasty and fresh. All you need to add a cup of boiled water and you are all set with a light, healthy and truly tasty soup. Some of the other variants are Keya Instant Tom Yum Vegetable Cup-a-Soup and Keya Instant Classic Miso Cup-a-Soup.

10. Heinz

HeinzEach of 500g of Heinz Big Soups deliver huge amount of protein per serving to your body.       Heinz is proud to offer widest range of delicious and healthy soups. Each recipe is crafted well with a passion for flavorsome, tasty and healthy soups. Heinz is offering variety of soups in India, out of which Heinz Tomato soup is very popular. Heinz has the legacy of 1935. You may also order Heinz Mushroom soup with a hint of Thyme. If you want to go non-veg, Heinz also has the delicious Spanish Style chicken soup with Paprika and Beans, and Thai Style Chicken with lime and chilli for added flavor. You may get variety of other flavors with it.

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