Top 10 Best Split Air Conditioners (AC) Brands with Price in India

Split ACs is most on demand of customers in India. Since vents are not always possible to install window ACs, split ACs are convenient choice due to their powerful performance. Split ACs is more expensive than window ACs. But some brands have offered affordable options.

Carrier (Starting at Rs. 31331)

CarrierIt is one of the most preferred split AC brands in India as it offers clean and fresh air inside using its latest technology along with power saving features. It saves electricity and gives various options. Since 1902, it’s around 110 years now Carrier has been enjoying inevitable presence in the market. The air conditioner brand has been focusing on providing something unique. Its air conditioners contain silver ion filters and active carbon deodizer. Along with removing foul smell, it also avoids harmful bacteria.

Daikin (Starting at Rs. 35700)

DaikinIt is a well-known brand for its efficient performance, stylish looks and great features. It is the leader in India. Daikin is literally making its way to become a well-known brand within short time period. The brand has literally managed to improve their presence by offering air conditioners at very affordable price. The company provides uncompromised quality products.

Blue Star (Starting from Rs. 28490)

Blue StarBlue Star is a well reputed brand across the world. It is known for its amazing and exciting features like best after-sales service and low power consumption. Since 1943, Blue Star has been the first choice for millions of customers across India. It is India’s oldest appliance brand.

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Hitachi (Starting at Rs. 33990)

HitachiIt is yet another reputed brand earned a great reputation in the market. The Japanese giant uses world-class technology to provide great cooling features and available at very affordable price. Since it was formed in Tokyo, it has been offering widest range of air conditioning solutions. It is loaded with LCD wireless remote, anti-fungus filter, cool mode, varied fan speed etc.

Godrej (Rs. 26990 Onwards)

GodrejGodrej is a world-acclaimed brand for split ACs. It is known for great power saving, after sales service and affordable ranges.

Whirlpool (Rs. 26990 Onwards)

WhirlpoolIt is yet another popular brand offering high-end split ACs at every affordable range. Even common people can afford it easily.

LG (Rs. 26490 Onwards)

LG SmartphoneIt is yet another popular brand offering air conditioning solutions affordable to middle class family, without compromising performance and features. It has always been customer’s favorite because its air conditioners feature plasma filtration, jet cooling system and inverter technology. The company is quite focused on delivering energy efficient air conditioners as it emits less greenhouse gases in order to save environment.

O General (Rs. 45454 Onwards)

O GeneralIt is the brand highly recommended for its great power-packed performance. It offers sufficient cooling without any heavy electricity cost. But the price range is a bit higher.

Samsung (Starts at Rs.26990)

SamsungIt is yet another affordable brand offering split ACs and value for money home appliances starting from very affordable ranges. It has huge range of ACs which offers huge range of world-class technology. It also provides H1N1 virus protection and prevents several airborne threats with features like dehumidifier, optimal single blade, multi-jet technology, anti-bacteria filter, happy hours, and anti-allergy coating.

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Voltas (Starting Range – Rs. 25990)

Voltas Voltas Limited is the leading AC brand in India known for offering exclusive range of ACs. These appliances are available with great affordability and durability. It has cassette, split and window ACs. When it comes to features, it has anti-dust options, anti-fungal cleaning, silver ion filter, care bacterium, and hydrophilic aluminum fans.

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